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Low Stock Lagoon
By Charlie Cunningham
0th July 2018 saw my
first night on the lagoon.
I had seen pictures and
heard rumours of what
was in there, and it made
me want to go on to fish
the lake and find out for myself. They
are not the biggest carp in Yorkshire
but all unique and characterful in
their own way – long ones, dark ones,
scaly ones, plump ones, a bit of everything for everyone, I guess, and for
£32 for the year, you definitely can’t
go wrong! The lake itself is around 15
acres in size with an average depth of
20ft and with a low stock of carp. The
fishing at times was tough; it took me
four nights to get off the mark, but
(Right) The alarms during winter.
(Below).The Little Tail at 26lb 8oz.
76 Big Carp

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