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Low Stock Lagoon Campaign Exclusive
29lb from the boathouse.
that first year for me was all about the
learning curve, getting to know the
lake, getting to know the fish’s habits
and which areas of the lake produced
the goods.
After getting to know the local
anglers and people that regularly fish
the lake, you get information, and of
course the pictures of the fish normally follow. I saw some mega ones –
all lovely unique fish. One fish in particular that really stood out was one
they called the Apple Scale, a stunning fish, a really deep unique chestnut coloured carp that stood out from
the rest but rarely got caught. I knew
from the off that she was going to be
the main target, but we will come
back to that later.
After fishing the lake throughout
the second half of 2018, I had got
amongst some of the nicer fish. My
third capture was a fish known as Little Tail, a lovely old original stock fish,
really long, with a big, sloped head
with a tiny rudder. At 26lb 8oz, that
would do me. After spending some
time on the lake, I got to know a middle-aged man known as Paddy who
was really kind and helpful, the type
who would do anything for anyone.
Later on that year, we had a few
socials in the colder months and got
amongst the fish. He knew the place
like the back of his hand, as he had
fished it for 20 years! He was really
helpful at times.
In November, Paddy and I were
having a social on the old boathouse,
and little did we know good things
were to come. I had a three-fish haul
in two nights in November, and the
last fish was a proper prize – a stunning 29lb chestnut coloured mirror
and a rare visitor to the bank I hear.
She didn’t have a name so I put my
name on her – Charlie’s Mirror. I was
over the moon with that one. After
that, you can imagine my confidence
was brimming through the roof, and I
thought it was only a matter of time
before one of the A-team slipped up. I
fished the lake into December had
two mid doubles, but then the lake
shut up shop for the winter. Three
carp got caught from my last capture
in December right the way through
till the first week in March 2019.
That first week back, I managed to
get amongst the fish – three upper
doubles in 24 hours, so I knew it had
switched back on. They were all
lovely fish, and they were all welcome
on my mat! I fished the lake through
the spring and early into the summer
catching the odd 20, but never felt
close to the A-team fish never mind
the Apple Scale. At this point the lake
and the weather were really starting
to heat up. It was chaos at times with
the dog walkers, swimmers, people in
boats, tackle thieves, youths camping
Big Carp 77

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