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Exclusive Low Stock Lagoon Campaign
The brace of doubles from spring.
out and partying and even fully grown
men firing golf balls into the lake. I
always tried timing my trips when the
weather was at its worst, and the fish
prefer the overcast, windy, rainy conditions anyway.
The spring and early summer were
really good fishing wise. I had a number of captures, but after capturing
several doubles on the bounce, the
Apple Scale felt so out of reach that I
started to wonder whether it was the
bait, as I knew it wasn’t the rigs – I
was nailing them every time.
At the back end of May, I got
offered a consultant’s role at Turner
Baits. At first, I wasn’t too sure, as my
motto has always been, why change
78 Big Carp
something if it isn’t broke? But I
headed down to the bait factory to
meet Mark the manager. He was a
lovely bloke, and we got on from the
off. The bait looked and smelled the
part, so I thought, why not? Let’s give
it a shot!
My first session on the bait saw me
land a 20lb common and a small double. To get off the mark on the first
session on the new bait was brilliant
– a real confidence boost! A month
down the line, I had caught several
fish on the new bait, and I thought it
would only be a matter of time before
she was mine. How wrong was I? On
the 30th June 2019, I got a text from
one of the lads who fish the lake that
the Apple Scale had been stalked
from under a bush in one of the corners, and then the photo followed. It
crippled me. I was on the lake at the
time, and I felt like packing up, but fair
play to the guy. I don’t think he
realised how lucky he was, as I don’t
believe he fished it that much, and
she was the main target for most!
At that point, the fish had started to
spawn, so I kept going down to check
up on the lake and keep the bait
going in on my spot. A few weeks
later, I planned to fish it again. The
conditions were prime – the wind
was pumping into my corner of the
lake, drizzly rain, overcast, and it
looked lovely for a bite. It didn’t take

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