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Low Stock Lagoon Campaign Exclusive
There she is – the Apple Scale at 30lb.
long… The first day in, I had a recapture of a linear I had previously
caught in March, and I wasn’t disappointed. I mean, a fish is a fish from
there! The day and early night went
by uneventfully, but I had a feeling
something was going to happen in
the night or in the morning.
It was around 12 o’clock, and I had
just texted the missus telling her I
was of to bed, and I did so. I had got
tucked up in the sack, turned over,
a n d m o m e n t s l a t e r, t h e N e v i l l e
receiver went into meltdown, but the
sound of line being peeled off the
spool overpowered it. This was like no
other take I had experienced on the
lake, and I knew it was a good fish.
After a good battle, into the net she
went. At this time, I didn’t have my
head torch. I never like shining the
light in the dark when playing fish. I
find it tends to spook them and they
go crazy in the margins. So, I grabbed
my head torch from the bivvy to have
a look at my prize…
When I looked into that net and
saw what I had caught, she was the
last fish in the lake I expected to see.
As soon as I saw those big apple
scales and that deep body, my heart
started racing ten to the dozen, and I
went light headed. I felt as sick as a
dog; I could barely stand, but it was
the best feeling in the world – I had
done it! After 90 nights of chasing her,
she was finally mine! The Apple Scale,
my dream, had became a reality! I
had to sit down for a moment to compose myself. She was in the net, and
she was my responsibility.
After I calmed down, I put her in
the retainer and made a few phone
calls to friends to get down with the
camera in the morning. It all went to
plan so perfectly, and for the rest of
that night, I sat on the bedchair with
the bivvy door wide open just smiling
and watching the moon. It was lovely,
and a memory I will cherish forever.
The following morning, my friend
came down and we did the pictures –
what a joy! I wasn’t quite sure who
was happier, me who caught her or
my friend. He was just as happy as I
was! We did the pictures, and all went
to plan so perfectly. After getting
some good shots, I got into the water
with her and let her go. She swam off
like nothing had happened… off to
make another angler as happy as she
did me! Long live the lagoon and long
live the Apple Scale – that’s what I
say. n
Big Carp 79

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