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Fishing charity sets £5k target to fund
more school courses, this #GivingTuesday
Fishing for Schools (F4S) has set itself
an ambitious challenge for this #GivingTuesday (3 December 2019) – we
aim to raise £5,000 in one day to
enable 30 more young people to take
part in our courses next year.
We have two exciting activities
taking place on the day – our Fishy
Cake Bake and the Ring of Wessex
Waters Challenge.
Each year on #GivingTuesday,
charities and non-profit organisations
rally their supporters for a day of maximum fundraising impact.
Fishing for Schools director Charles
Jardine will be taking on six (or
more!) of his local waters on the day
in the Ring of Wessex Waters Challenge. Starting early, Charles will fish
and attempt to catch on the Itchen,
Wylie, Test, Dever, Avon and Ebble
and at Dever Springs.
Charles will have to catch at each
venue before he can move on to the
next and is inviting sponsorship of at
least £1 for each water fished and for
each fish caught from our supporters.
Charles said: “It will be quite a challenge due to the short number of daylight hours, but the cause is so important. We know that the work we do
with Fishing for Schools can make all
the difference to the pupils who take
part, but we simply cannot fund as
many courses as we would like to
o f f e r, s o w e n e e d y o u r h e l p t o
fundraise. Please be generous and
give these youngsters the chance to
experience the countryside and outdoor learning with us.”
Raynham School.
You can donate to Charles’ campaign at
We are also asking our supporters
to get involved in a Fishy Cake Bake
and either bake or decorate a cake, or
any other sweet treat, share it with
friends, colleagues and family and
make a donation to F4S through our
special page.
Please share pictures of your bake
or other fundraising activity on social
media and spread the word of F4S
with the hashtags #GivingTuesday,
#TurnYourTuesday and #FishyCakeBake
So far, some of the schools we work
with have signed up to hold fundraising activities on the day, including a
sponsored walk at Three Ways School
in Bath and fishy cake bakes at Purbrook Park School in Hampshire and
the Orchard School in Canterbury.
For more information about the
Countryside Alliance and TCAF
please contact the Countryside
Alliance press office on 0207 840 9220
or n
Charles Nice.

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