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FISHING. This last is also aimed at the
hero worshippers of the aforementioned ‘famous anglers’, many of
whom either caught or fished for one
of the most revered carp in the country – the Black Mirror. And Colnemere
is SSSI and absolutely out of bounds –
n o f i s h i n g w h a t s o e v e r. O h , t h e
Rules are rules; if we break them
then we should be prepared to face
the consequences, whether that is
losing a ticket, paying a fine or, worse
still, a custodial sentence. It’s entirely
up to the individual. Having said that,
the one thing that everybody should
abide by are rules that protect the
carp. No nuts, no sacking of carp,
unhooking mats must be used, barbless hooks only, no lead core – all of
these rules are put in place to protect
the carp and should be abided by reli-
giously. No boats, no wading, no
climbing; these and others like
them are put in place to protect
the angler and if the angler wants
to flout those rules, then he
should be prepared to suffer the
consequences, however damaging they may be.
I’m no angel, never professed
to be, but I’m no hypocrite either.
When I had a go at a certain
angler a few months ago it was
because of the damage that he
could have done to the fish he
moved, and also the subsequent
damage that fish could have
caused to the residents of the
lake it was put into. What also
came through from the forums
were those people who, like me,
just couldn’t see what the problem was – people who just like to
get on with their fishing and let
other folk get on with theirs. It
doesn’t matter to me whether
you’re catching carp and I’m not,
and it never has done; in fact, I’m
usually just as pleased for the
captor as he is for himself. It all comes
down to that green-eyed monster
again; he’s catching more than me so
he must be breaking the rules, so if I
get him banned then I’ll be able to
catch more. Isn’t it a sad world when
someone thinks like that? Human
nature, I suppose – human beings
being human.
The bottom line is that rules are put
in place, and if you break them (however ridiculous you think they are)
then you must be prepared to suffer
the repercussions if you get caught.
How ridiculous is the rule that a goal
scorer cannot celebrate his goal,
especially by the bizarre act of taking
off his shirt? We know it’s ridiculous,
but we also know it’s in place, as does
the goal scorer, so if he gets booked
for it, then gets another booking for a
more serious offence he only has himself to blame that he is, consequently,
sent off – them’s the rules. The thing
is, the more you get wound up and
decide that the offender needs to be
punished, the less chance you have of
fishing properly and therefore less
chance of catching a carp, thus getting more wound up... ever decreas(Top) David Gowing with one of
Farriers’ finest. (Photo courtesy of
(Left) An Oxford mid-30 for Neil
Lloyd. (Photo courtesy of Carp-Talk).

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