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Made In England
Black Jack is probably the best
known of its inhabitants, but Leon
Stearn was over the moon to latch
into the lesser known but equally as
desirable Brown Fish (Laney is so
imaginative when he names fish). It
was the only fish during a nine-day
session, but at 39lb 11oz it was more
than Leon could have hoped for – nice
Another much sought after carp
that makes very few appearances is
the Mother from Elstow 2, so when
Wayne Albion eventually caught it
you can imagine how he must have
felt. The 42lb mirror was caught from
a gravel bar in 21 feet of water, which
gives you an idea what Wayne was up
against, and another effort = reward
story finishes perfectly.
The west of the country does produce some lovely fish, doesn’t it, and
amongst the waters in the Cotswold
Water Park, Farriers is rightly revered
for its quality common carp. It’s nice,
therefore, to see that it’s not only
stunning commons that abide there,
but also stunning mirrors. As it happens, the beautiful 34lb linear that
graced David Gowing’s net was one
of his target fish, and being his first
fish from the lake I can only assume
that he’s pretty chuffed with life, and
rightly so. Not far east, Neil Lloyd
made the trip to an Oxfordshire syndicate and was duly rewarded with
an equally beautiful, scaly mirror of
35lb. These stamp of fish abound
around the source of the Thames,
but further south the Ringwood
waters can also boast some lovely
fish, especially lakes like Roach
and Rockford. It was Roach Pit
that Marcus Howarth spent four
days on recently and managed a
couple of carp, the largest tipping
the scales at 40lb, and what an old
warrior it is. Sean Leverett had a
beautiful mid-30 fully scaled from
the same lake but I’m assuming
that he’ll be featuring that in his
fine diary piece, so I won’t duplicate it here.
Just along the coast from Ringwood, we all know that the Chichester waters have some fine fish in
them, and the 32lb near leather
(Top) Leon Stearn, fully focussed
at the Fjords. (Photo courtesy of
(Right) Sam Mussellwhite with a
new record? (Photo courtesy of
that 15-year-old Charlie Terry caught
from one of them is a fine example. All
of their waters hold fish of this quality,
and have done for many years now,
and it’s nice to think that when me
and Laney first set forth on this
strange carp fishing journey, 30-odd
years ago, Chichester was one of the
areas that we first caught decent fish
from, and in fact we saw our first
twenty pound carp on the banks of
Whyke Lake way back then – ah, the
Finally on this carp catching roundabout we say hello to Sam Mussellwhite who topped a recent three-fish
catch from a southern pit with a
stonking 39lb mirror. n

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