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48 Hours On The Church
n the summer of 2012, I found
myself in the very fortunate
position of being able to fish a
48-hour session on Kevin
Nash’s Church Pool along
with a work colleague, Lew. I
vividly remember being picked up by
Lew, early on a hot summer’s morning, en route to Essex. After what
seemed like ages, but in reality was
no more than two hours, we arrived at
the lake nice and early to have a look
around and wait for the other anglers
to arrive. That week, there were supposed to be four anglers on the lake:
Lew, me and two others. After doing a
couple of laps of the lake, we were
met by one of the lads at Nash who
ran through the rules and a little bit
about the lake before we unloaded
the gear from the van. We were then
told the news that we would be the
only anglers on the lake for our 48hour stay because the others couldn’t
make it – result!
We were soon at the lakeside with
our gear, doing yet more walking and
(Top) My first swim – a small pokehole in the reeds.
(Below) I jumped from the tree and
connected with my first fish.
deciding where to fish. Lew decided
to fish in a swim on the far bank that
controlled a large section of open
water, as well as the two islands to
fish to. I left Lew to set up, and continued to walk around the lake, when
finally I decided to fish what wasn’t
really a swim – more like a small gap
in the reeds. It was evident that the
fish were there, showing themselves
regularly on the end of a very warm
wind. I quickly set up three rods and
flicked them onto the heads of three
fish and felt for a drop. All three went
out perfectly, and I guessed there was
no more than 7-8ft of water in any of
the spots.
The fish continued to show, some
even right over the rods, but after an
hour or so, I still hadn’t received a
take. I wound in all three rods, put my
Polaroids on, and got up the nearest
tree to see what was going on. My
gauge of the depth wasn’t far wrong,
as I could see the fish cruising just
under the surface over about 6-8ft of

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