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48 Hours On The Church
A beautiful example of a carp.
water. All of a sudden, one of the fish
that was no more than 3ft under the
surface charged up to the top and
stuck its head out before righting
itself and continuing its patrol route
with the others. Brilliant, I thought, I
had just been chucking baits at fish
that were charging up from midwater
– no wonder I hadn’t had a bloody
take! I watched for a further 20 minutes or so, making sure to note the
particular patrol route they were taking before jumping down from the
tree and putting the marker rod
Before I put the marker out, I cut off
my leadcore on all three rods and tied
a lead clip setup straight on, without
a tail rubber. I then tied up three zigs,
leaving an 8ft tail on each rig so they
could be chopped down to the
required length. With that all sorted, I
flicked the marker out onto the first
spot where I wanted my zig hookbait
to be presented. I then cut and tied
my zig onto my first rod at the length
I wanted, and landed it next to the
float first chuck – sweet! I then
wound in the marker and repeated
the process for the other two rods,
and no more than 15 minutes later, I
had three rods fishing effectively.
My first take came around 20 minutes after getting the rods out whilst I
was actually perched up the tree. I
could just make out the tiny white
piece of foam, which topped off my
own zig-bug, in the tap-like water.
The group of maybe ten fish that I had
been watching continued the very
particular patrol route they were taking, and, sure enough, they headed
straight for my perfectly positioned
zig hookbait. As they approached the
rig, the first fish in the group, which I
estimated at mid-20, dipped down
maybe 6ins and extended its mouth.
Its fins then all stuck out as the fish
violently shook its head and the other
carp quickly dispersed! I was completely motionless as this happened,
and just as I looked down to the rods,
the corresponding bobbin fell straight
to the floor!
I jumped straight down from the
tree, picked up the rod and connected
with my first fish! My friends will all
say that I play fish like a girl, and this
was no different, especially considering I was on a very small barbless
hook and a light hooklink. Lew had
seen me connect with the fish and
the huge bow wave that exited the
swim and so shouted over, “Are you
in, young Will?” I gave him a nod and
he came walking round, arriving in
the swim just as my first fish slipped
over the net cord. I was already up to
my knees in water, so I was able to
net the fish beyond the reeds. I
passed the net and the rod to Lew so
I could unhook the fish much easier.
Lew made a guesstimate at
approaching 30lb. This was confirmed
when we weighed her in at 28lb
exactly. We did a few snaps of both
sides and slipped her back.
Lew congratulated me and then
wandered back to his swim to get his
rods back out. With a big grin spread
across my face, I sat behind the reeds
and tied up an identical rig. Luckily, it
went back out on exactly the same
spot again, on the first time of asking.
About ten minutes later, whilst I was
checking out the shots Lew took on
my camera, a fish popped its head out
about 20 yards in front of my swim…
So the commotion hadn’t pushed
them away! I was half tempted to get

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