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In Search of a Lincolnshire 40
o many a carp angler,
the thought of catching a 40lb-plus common from the UK is a
dream. You can imagine my reaction when
in 2005 one of my friends showed me
a picture of a 40lb common he had
caught from a lake only two miles
from my house in little old Lincoln.
Let’s just say the fire was lit instantly!
At the time though there was a catch
– the 12-acre lake in question was
part of a complex of lakes called
Swanholme Lakes with no fishing
rights, so in actual fact the anglers
fishing there were guesting it. We
later learned that the lake containing
the 40 and the neighbouring lake
were privately owned, and as long as
we were discreet and tucked away,
the wardens didn’t mind us being
there as it was out of their boundary.
It was the neighbouring houses that
were the proverbial thorns in our
sides. Around one third of the lake
has houses built around it, and in the
years the lake had stood untouched,
(Top) Watchful neighbours.
(Below) First blood.
the residents had taken it upon themselves to slowly creep their gardens
down to the water’s edge. One particular local busybody really did cause
us problems, and I’m sure he actually
thinks the lake is his to look after. He
has in the past been seen quite regularly taking pictures of us just trying
to do what we enjoy doing. The only
time the wardens ever moved us on
was when they had received complaints… I wonder who from?
Back at the beginning when I first
learnt of my friend’s capture of the 40,
he was kind enough to send a picture
message of the fish, and the amount
of times I looked at this picture over
the next couple of years was unreal.
The trouble was, at the time I just didn’t have the time to embark on a campaign to single out an individual fish
from a tricky water. Over the next two
years I walked the banks of the lake
untold times, but because of the time

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