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In Search of a Lincolnshire 40
A new one for Tom
of day that my recces tended to be, I
never saw a great deal other than the
odd smaller fish; I really needed to be
there in the day when the sun was
It wasn’t until the autumn of 2007
that I finally felt I had the time to
embark on a mini campaign, and I
started baiting up regularly in preparation. As it turned out it was not until
mid October that I got my first session in, and over seven or eight nights
through October and November I
managed a big blank. This wasn’t too
soul destroying though, because I
knew it was low stocked – to be precise 18 fish in 12 acres – and I later
found it can be tricky at any time of
the year. I was also reassured by the
fact that a couple of my friends were
also fishing through the autumn and
they collectively put in over thirty
nights with one fish lost at the net for
their efforts, and they are both
accomplished anglers.
In 2008 I only went fishing once all
year due to work commitments; the
only night I managed was a quick
overnighter in June between work,
and with no prior preparation, I was
surprised when at first light there was
a massive swirl over my shallow rod, a
nod on the rod tip, a couple of bleeps,
then nothing! I had been done. The
soul-destroying bit was that the night
before I had seen the Big Common in
the area whilst up a tree, so who
knows what might have been? Quite
why I never followed that session up I
will never know, but work commitments had definitely taken precedence that year. The year of 2009 was
once again very work orientated, and
I got my fishing kicks flitting around
on local day ticket lakes and on the
River Trent barbel fishing. Again I
frustratingly didn’t have the time I
wanted to be able to dedicate myself
to a single-minded attack on this lake.
That year I had to watch a couple of
my mates get the results they
wanted, and from then I vowed 2010
would be my year. Busy with work or
not, I was on a mission.
Over the winter of 2009, my plans
for a big campaign took a turn for the
worst when the two lakes came up for
sale in the local property auction.
Luckily for the local angling fraternity,
a local carp angler and friend of mine
managed to encourage the new
owner to apply for fishing rights, and
in June 2010 a ten-man syndicate
was formed on the lake. I was fortunate enough to gain one of these
places, so it was game on again; I just
had to wait until June.
June the 16th 2010 was to be the
opening night, but my work started
some five weeks previous to that
when I started preparing my chosen
spots. The bait I had chosen for the
campaign was to be the awesome NGage XP from CC Moore, which I had
the privilege of testing the previous
year. Unfortunately due to work commitments and lack of hours on the
bank, I was yet to see how good it
actually was. By the time I made a
start I had introduced 20kg of the
NGXP and a similar amount of CC
Moore Betain HNV pellets. Reports
from the field testers from the previous year had been nothing short of
spectacular, so I was confident that
the bait would do the damage; it was
just a matter of when. I must admit I
was a little worried that I was yet to
see a fish over my spots, but they
were certainly feeling clean. It wasn’t

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