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In Search of a Lincolnshire 40
Tramping it on overnighters.
until one night when I got a text from
a friend saying that the fish were
going mad, boshing all over my spots,
that my confidence grew. The bait
had only been in a couple of hours as
well – now I was confident!
My first night came on the 20th
June, and as yet there had not been a
fish out. My friend Tom was also on
doing a night in the Pub Bay. The rods
went out with minimal fuss on 14mm
NGXP glugged bottom baits tipped
with trimmed down NGXP pop-ups.
Each rod was baited with a scattering
of both boilies and pellets. I went to
bed that first night about midnight
feeling confident, but as of yet I didn’t
know when bite time was. I didn’t
have to wait long to find out because
at 3am my middle rod was away, and
after a short but spirited fight I was
slipping the net under a 13lb 8oz
common. After a couple of quick
night shots, I was sliding the small
but perfect little common back, and I
was very happy to be off the mark so
quickly. I wasted little time getting to
bed, as I wanted to be up in about an
hour to watch for fish at first light.
At 6am I saw Tom playing a fish up
the other end of the lake, which
turned out to be a gorgeous 15lb mirror; a new one we hadn’t seen before
and one for the future. Things were
looking good; it seemed the fish had
switched on and were on the munch
– typical when I had work that afternoon. I started packing up slowly at
about 8am, and come 9am I just had
the rods to pack away. I had packed
the alarms away, leaving the rods out
but leant over the bushes on each
side of my swim. After reeling in my
first rod, I was just putting it in the rod
sleeve when my girlfriend, who was
lying on my bed, went mad and was
shouting something about another
bite. I turned round to see line leaving
my spool at an alarming rate, and the
tip of the middle rod hooped right
over. After being run ragged for ten
Recapture of the Chubby Mirror.

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