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In Search of a Lincolnshire 40
minutes, I watched a very long common, which I thought was never
going to give up, slip into the net. On
the scales the spawned-out common,
which is usually 30-plus, went 23lb
13oz, and it bore the marks of recently
spawning with a chunk snapped off
the top lobe of its tail. 14 hours’ fishing and two fish – I couldn’t have
hoped for a better start.
My next session fell on a Monday
night, as the weekend had been taken
up with my sister’s 18th birthday
shenanigans. It was to be a quick
overnighter before work, meaning I
would have to be away around 7am.
With another couple of pre-baits
since my last night there, the spots
felt cleaner than ever and were
increasing in size. The rods went out
as planned without the need of a
marker; two sessions in and I was
already working like a well-oiled
machine. Just on dark a fish showed
twice in a silty channel just off the
treeline where I had been trickling in
a bit of bait. I repositioned my right
hand rod to the showing fish after firing in some chopped boilies to spook
any fish away first. At 2am the repositioned rod was away, and after a short
The Big Common spawned out.
The devastating combination.
and pretty straightforward fight, I
landed my first mirror – a dumpy one
weighing in at 19lb 14oz. The trouble
now was that my camera had been
left in my parents’ car following my
sister’s birthday, so I chose to do a
couple of pictures on my phone and
get the fish back.
My next fish came due to me nodding back off to sleep that morning
when I should have been up and
away for work at 6.30am. I was woken
by an absolute screamer, again on the
right hand rod. Right from the off it
felt a better fish, and initially I
couldn’t do anything with it. After a
dogged fight, I was surprised to see
another of the small commons go into
the net. At 13lb 2oz the fight belied its
size, but I wasn’t complaining; they’re
all welcome on low stocked lakes. A
quick picture, again on the phone, and
off to work I went. Two fish again, and
I still managed to get to work on time

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