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In Search of a Lincolnshire 40
– can’t be bad.
Well, it was turning out to be a
good start, and I seemed to be getting
paid back for the effort I was putting
in. That night when I got home from
work, I downloaded the pictures off
my phone and was disappointed to
see that the night shots of the mirror
were very poor, oh well, maybe I
would catch up with it again sometime and get some better shots. I’m
not one of these anglers that won’t
get the camera out unless it’s midtwenty; I take a picture of them all,
even if it’s on the mat. It’s nice to
have a photo for reference to watch
their progress.
Having been late leaving for work
that morning, I didn’t have time to
bait up before I left, so after work I
thought I’d better get back down and
bait up. It’s fair to say that I was
putting in the effort this year, especially as I was still working seven
days a week and fishing overnighters
in between, which meant getting
down late and leaving early. The main
effort though was the fact that I cannot drive, and each bait-up meant a
two-mile walk there and back, and
each session meant me barrowing my
tackle there and back. I would spend
Looking skinny, but still a happy chappy.
my overnighter sleeping on a roll-out
camping mat on the floor or on my little guest chair with my sleeping bag
cover wrapped around me. Surely I
was going to get paid back for this
The next chance I got at an
overnighter was a couple of days
later, and this coincided with one of
the other syndicate members being
already set up in the swim next to
w h e r e I h a d b e e n b a i t i n g. T h i s
overnighter ended in my first blank;
the fish had done the off, probably due
to there being too many lines in one
area of the lake. This blank got me
thinking that maybe I should have a
second plan, so I started baiting
another area. I needn’t have worried,
as my next overnighter resulted in a
repeat of the 19lb mirror; he obviously
liked the bait, although he did come
from a different spot. This was
another morning bite, and this time I
rattled off a few self-takes and got
some good pictures. This week also
saw the Big Common put in a visit
when one of the other members,
Marc, stalked it off the surface. It was
a fine bit of angling, and the first time
that fish had been caught off the top
too – shame for him when she only
weighed 35lb and ounces, a shadow
of her former self. She had obviously
had a good spawn too.
We were now at the end of June,
and being a teacher I was looking forward to my summer break and
putting in a determined push to put
more fish on the bank. The pieces of
the puzzle were slotting into place
nicely, and it was only a matter of
time before I was going to catch up
with one of the lake’s A-Team. With
the Big Common already putting in a
visit, I was hoping that the Big Scaly,
the River Fish, or the Little Scaley
would put in a visit.
My next fishing visit to the lake
coincided with the last day of college,
and it dragged. I do tend to enjoy the
last day of college and the usual festivities, listening to the principle
highlighting our successes of the
year, listening to the strategic plans,
meeting up with colleagues from
around the college and our satellite
sites that you rarely see, and of course
the barbeque and alcohol. To be honest though, I just wanted to get off
and get to the lake; I really did have
my fishing head on. I arrived at the
lake about 6pm and found I had it to
myself – just the way I like it. It was a

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