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In Search of a Lincolnshire 40
I sat down that night a little downbeat, as my team leader from work
had been on the phone and given me
some bad news about a colleague of
ours. I couldn’t settle, and at about
11pm I was still sat there under the
clear skies on my little low chair just
thinking and worrying. I didn’t feel
confident at all, probably due to the
mood, but this was soon to change
when at 11:30pm, just as I was beginning to nod off, my left hand Neville
went into meltdown. I was of my little
chair in a flash, and with the rod in
the water, I just went straight in, with
no time to get the chesties on! As
soon as I picked the rod up, I thought
it felt a better fish, as I got flat rodded.
I soon had it on a shorter line in the
shallow water, and as I saw it power
off I thought it was the leather from
the colour. When it finally came up to
the surface it was a big common, and
could only be one fish. My legs turned
to jelly as it powered off to the right,
but that was in vain, as I was soon
bundling it into the net first time. I
turned to my girlfriend and told her I
had the Big Common, and with that
she was jumping and dancing round
the swim, bless her (she gets more
excited than me).
I couldn’t believe I had the common only ten days after Marc had
caught her; I suppose she was well
due a visit off the bottom. The only
negative was I knew she was going to
be at a disappointing weight. I had
my Lincolnshire 40 in front of me in
the net, but I knew she would be
small. We got her out on the mat, and
when I peeled back the net my girlfriend’s reaction changed. I said to
her, “What up with you?” and she
replied “I’m a bit scared – that’s massive.” She had only seen twenties up
until then, and she was now looking
at a long, spawned-out 40. She was
nailed two inches back in the bottom
of the mouth, and I couldn’t reach the
hook. I folded the mat over, zipped her
in securely, and asked my girlfriend to
come and put her hand over her while
I grabbed my forceps. Her reply was
“Sod off, I’m not coming near that
t h i n g, I ’ l l g e t t h e f o r c e p s .” We
weighed her in at 35lb 4oz, and unfortunately for Marc and me, these were
two of only three times she’s been
caught under 40lb at the time.
I can honestly say that I was over
the moon with this capture, but it was
looking like I was going to have to
accept defeat for now on the Lincolnshire 40. To put it into perspective
how rare Lincolnshire 40s are, at the
time I captured the Swanholme Big
Common, I could only think of two
other lakes in the county that currently held 40lb fish – one that held
two 40s that I would never fish due to
the dubious origin of one of the 40s
(only personal preference), and the
other one is a closed shop and only
fished by a select few that know the
landowners. So technically I had
caught the only other one, just at the
wrong weight to achieve my target.
With the fish at low weights, after the
capture of the common I decided to
pull off, not wanting to capture the
Big Scaly at a low weight also. With
the Big Common 7lb down on its best
weight and the Big Scaly being 3536lb at best, she might not even be
30lb, so I had no option but to pull off,
as I wanted that fish at a good
weight. With other plans for the back
end and winter, I would be back for
her in the spring. n
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