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Brogborough 2007
By Marc (Smurf) Twaite, The Traveller
rogborough is a 250acre pit in the
Northants area with
an original stock of
just 40 carp, and what
caught my eye was
purely the low stock of this massive
pit. The size of any water will never
put me off due to the fact that carp
activity is pretty much the same all
year round, only these carp were more
wild so it meant it was just me
against the carp, knowing that no
other anglers’ lines or bait could interfere with what I wanted to achieve.
My target, like every water I’ve
fished, was to catch a wild 30-plus
carp, and I’d go to some extreme
adventures during my time on all
these big pits to catch my prize!
The place to start on this huge pit
was thinking, watching, walking and
knowing my tactics, and to stick with
it until something told me differently.
I came from Swan Lake on the Bluebell complex where I had a run of
great 30s and 40s so to come onto a
water where I’d probably be only getting one or two bites for the year
instead of 50 or 60 bites was going to
challenge me mentally.
My first three weekends were to literally walk around as much of the
water and look for pukka marginal
shelf spots where I know on certain
weather conditions would give me
that chance of a visit from Mr. Carp.
This wasn’t easy at all, as even a
15mph wind on this pit was strong
and proved difficult as it was so open.
There were swimmers on there too
and several boats and windsurfers,
but they stayed well clear of where I
was wanting to start introducing my
bait once located. I also knew with
the carp being so wild they would be
on naturals, and the naturals in this
lake were in abundance. I’d never
seen anything like it; the size of the
zebra mussels and bloodworm told
me everything, so to try and switch
Mr. Carp onto my bait was a matter of
baiting these spots where I’d found
lots of naturals. There were several fly
hatches, and at times I saw seagulls
diving and swooping onto the surface. Amongst them was the odd carp
mouthing the flies on the surface. This
is a standard procedure on most
waters, but the question was what
rig, bait and approach to take to get
amongst these carp?
I’ll be honest and say I opted the
cheaper option in bait, and that was
maple peas, tigers, hemp and sometimes boilie, but not much, as I had to
be 100% confident carp were visiting
my area and spots before I introduced
boilie in quantity, as this can prove
expensive. So many guys I know will
bait and bait spots that they think are
great spots but they haven’t seen a
carp there. Why do this? I will only
ever bait spots where I’ve seen carp,
especially carp that appeal to me as a
target fish! Spending hours and hours
on this massive water was really testing at times. Location was everything,
b u t s o m e t i m e s w h e n M r. C a r p
doesn’t give the game away it was a
matter of using watercraft and experience to figure out where they would
be and why! Carp naturally have a
holding up area on every lake, so to
find this along with patrol routes in
and out of these areas was my way of
targeting this water.
On my sixth session I located a few
small 20s alongside a reedbed close
in, only 15 yards out at a depth of 7ft,
which was pretty good knowing the
swans couldn’t get to my baited
spots, which on some waters is a
nightmare – we’ve all been there! So
my approach was to bait up 70-80
yards of marginal shelf, sticking single
rods through gaps in the reeds and
setting traps for the patrolling carp.
Again these are wild fish so not too
riggy, and I knew keeping the bait
going in every week would give them
confidence by having a few free
meals and keep them coming back
along this margin...
My first carp came in the shape of a
stunning dark mirror of 21lb. It wasn’t
the weight that gave me that buzz; it
was knowing I caught that fish by my
hard work, and that it had probably
never been caught before. This is
what gave me more confidence,
knowing that if I stuck at it surely one
of the elusive 30-pounders wouldn’t

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