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Brogborough 2007
31lb mirror.
be too far away! Again I have to see
what I’m fishing for; I’ll never ever go
on what someone says I’ll only go on
what I see or what I catch myself...
There was an island around 500
yards off the bank, and I had to get
myself to that island, as it looked a
great place to stalk carp. It was left
alone, with no pressure, as no other
angler was willing to go that extra
mile. So I went and got myself a
dinghy, a pump, a life jacket and oars,
and the next thing you know I was
getting to the lake after work and
rowing 500 yards to this island to try
locate my target 30lb carp. Due to the
strong winds on there I knew due to
the safety reasons I had to be careful
when getting over there without
being stranded. I was always fishing
alone, which was quite daunting at
times, but I had to do it if I was to
stand a chance of nailing my target
fish. Lots of guys are happy to sit it
out on waters for a long period and
wait for that one session that makes
their three or four hard years worthwhile, but not me. I like to hit every
water hard, catch my fish early and
move on – that’s why Rob Maylin has
called me the Traveler!
So one weekend I got myself over
to the island and baited a few likely
spots with maple peas, hemp, tigers
and White Chocolate from Nash. At
the time there was a nice breeze from
the southwest but not so strong that I
c o u l d n ’t s e e t h e c a r p w i t h m y
polarised glasses. One morning after
cruising around the island in my
dinghy I looked down, and to my
amazement two mid-thirty commons
and a really scaly mid-twenty mirror
cruised just to the side of the boat. I
froze, my breathing stopped, and I
was like “YES! There’s my target
fish!” I knew they’d be around this
island and I was proved right. I got
my rigs baited and lowered one on a
slope at 5ft and the other at the bottom of the shelf in 12ft, so I covered
my options, knowing whichever
depth they were happy cruising at
night or early morning I’d have a
chance of a pick up! Just 2kg of bait
was enough on each spot to hold
them to stop them in their tracks and
to get them to feed...
I’ll never forget when on the second morning my right hand rod in 5ft
ripped off. I hit into an aggressive fish,
wondering if it was one of the mid 30s
I’d seen. After a good scrap I landed
an apple slice mirror of 24lb – not one
of the 30s but still a great result considering again my hard work had paid
So after a few blank weekends trying other parts of the lake, due to the
weather proving very difficult for me
to get onto the island again, I
finally had a ten-day weather report
stating nice sunny days with only
20mph winds, which enabled me to
get myself prepared for a session on
the island. On the Friday night driving
down the M1 I was buzzing with confidence, knowing that I had the
chance to get my rigs placed onto the
same spots after about eight weeks
since catching the 24lb scaly...
Before you knew it I was pumping
up the boat and was sat there watching the mass of water off the island,
which was pretty scary especially at
night sometimes, what with the
strange noises and it being so dark.
But these things are meant to test us,
and if I wanted to catch my target
fish, I knew I’d have to be brave and

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