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Brogborough 2007
be ready to expect the unknown, as
this was the biggest water I’d ever
fished in the UK. Baits were on the
money again, and a couple of kilos
were on each spot ready for my 48hour session. I was feeling so confident when on the Sunday morning at
3am I had a one-toner. The fight was
a really heavy plod-plod figure of
eight under the tips, staying deep, so
I knew was a decent fish...
Here is an Owl I called Barny on Scout
I used to catch Mice & feed him!
After a 20-minute battle a big carp
was in the net and I shouted, “YES!” I
was shaking, and it was surreal; it
was pitch black, I couldn’t see a thing,
but I knew I had a proper one in the
net. I lifted the net to see a stunning
mirror, rolled her over and thought it
had to be 30... I left the carp safe in
the net for a few minutes whilst I got
myself prepared, and once on the mat
and then in the sling I lifted the scales
and the needle went round to 31lb
4oz – job done. It was an absolutely
stunning creature and as wild as they
get. I did a few self-takes and put her
straight back... Amazing! I was
buzzing – I’d achieved my goal and
hit my target within six months’ fishing.
I opted to stay another night on the
Sunday as I thought I might nail one
of the big commons I’d seen, so after
my soup and a cuppa that day I was
doing my third night on the island.
What I didn’t realise was that the
weather was to take a turn for the
worse; the wind blowing straight at
me and white tops with rain. As I
packed up I looked at my dinghy, and
the heat we’d had for the previous
two days had taken the pressure out
my boat. So you can imagine me with
all my gear in a small dinghy with low
pressure, battling against strong
winds and 500 yards to safety... I still
to this day don’t know how I made it,
but I did. I had water coming in the
sides and I was knackered rowing
into a headwind of perhaps 60mph –
you know how bad they can get on
these big pits! That was a lesson
learned to be prepared for anything
catching big carp, but please be
aware of the safety aspect especially
fishing alone on big pits – you really
never know...
Well that’s my story on the 250-acre
pit Brogborough. The only reason I
pulled off was that the year after they
stocked it with 200 stockies of 7-10lb,
and I wasn’t prepared to do all that
hard work for small carp. But just to
say the results are there on all these
big pits if you put the hard work in
and go that extra mile, but be conscious of the weather conditions,
especially using boats.
Longreach and Scout
Lake, St Ives
Having read about a certain Dave
Lane targeting a couple of 40s on
Scout Lake, I decided to get myself
down there for a look around firstly

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