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Brogborough 2007
Scout Lake common of 36lb.
and get a feel for the water. The original stock of just 12 carp in 40 acres
was what appealed to me, as in my
experience these carp can grow to
big weights because there isn’t much
competition for food, so they can
freely feed heavily on beds of naturals
whenever they like and at certain
times of year can really bang the
weight on.
Early spring 2008 the whole of St
Ives was flooded – an angler’s nightmare, especially when hitting a new
water, but hey. It was not only a twohour drive from Nottingham at the
time, but starting a whole new adventure. The Traveller was travelling
down after work every Friday
evening. Chasing a few lumps, not
knowing their true weight, along with
a surprise or two, is what drove me
through the long. hard drive.
Once the floods had gone it was
walking two laps a day to try locate
them. With there being eight bays
and masses of deep reed beds and lily
pads, I knew trying to locate 12 carp
was going to be tough. Not only that,
but the big girls are even harder,
being loners. I was looking for snags
and deep, clear shelves close in and
locating beds of naturals in open
water. There’s a channel that runs
straight through Scout Lake up to 40ft
in places, so I also knew they would
patrol this. So once I got the picture in
my head of holding areas and patrol
routes, I knew it would be easy to
catch ‘em! Wrong... I could not find
them. I fed lots of great spots I knew
they would visit, but no sign of carp,
until we had a turn of weather and a
big, strong southwesterly had them
boshing close in the corner right on
the wind. They were wild carp, active
as hell, and I saw two proper com-
mons head and shoulder ten yards off
the bank, so there I was lowering my
hookbaits onto 4-5ft shelves very
close in under my tips with 18 mm
Shrimp boilie and tigers with a little
hemp, but nothing. After 24 hours I
was scratching my head, thinking,
what next?
It was midsummer and a very hot
day when I got my dinghy pumped up
and went for a drift about. I did one
full lap and hit a bay where I counted
eight good carp including the Buttercup Mirror that Laney caught. This
Here is an Heron on Scout in the famous Pads swim.

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