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Brogborough 2007
The Longreach common 33lb 8oz.
was a target fish for me, but I also felt
there was an unnamed big mirror, not
with this group, and a few decent
backup mid 30s. As you all know, my
target is to catch as many 30-plus
carp from as many lakes, pits, rivers
and ponds as possible. So from here I
was flicking out 3-4 dog biscuits trying to get them feeding on the surface. It was flat calm, 30 degrees, and
only I was on the lake – pukka!
I couldn’t get them to take a biscuit
or floating bread, so it was on to the
next tactic. I’m always thinking
ahead as to where they will be,
watching the weather conditions
closely and keeping certain spots
going with bait, hoping they will turn
One weekend I tried something
totally different. I wasn’t sure they
were on bait; they might have still
been on naturals, so I hit a bay hard
with bait – 80kg of boilie and particle
– and sat on it for three days. Nothing! This was testing me. I tried zigs
in open water, bags in the reeds, singles at showing fish not taking biscuits and still nothing after four
months’ hard work of walking, baiting, boating and ringing the changes.
Two weeks after spawning, I felt
Keep it Natural on Scout Lake zebra mussels the Carp love em!
maybe they’d have had a free meal on
the big hit of bait of 80k I put in, so I
dropped onto the same spot with two
rods only – real stealthy again. There
was just Kev, an old guy from Leicester, and me on the whole lake. This
sometimes has a negative affect on
certain waters, as since other anglers
aren’t spooking them and moving
them to other parts of the lake, they
aren’t giving the game away by
showing when moving.
It was so tough, but one morning I
stood at the water’s edge for a few
hours and I saw two commons swim
past under my feet. The one at the
back was a lump, so that was it –
brolly up, kettle on my base camp was
established. It wasn’t a swim but I
didn’t care; I’d located them. I fed a
shelf with just a handful of tigers and
crushed boilie and placed a single
12mm pop-up over the top in 3ft of
water right where they cruised by,
hoping at some stage they would
come back. It was 5am and daylight
on the following morning when my
rod tip ripped round. It stripped the
spool of 12lb mainline and headed off
into open water. After a fierce scrap, I
landed a stunning 36lb common.
Buzzing wasn’t the word! I kept it

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