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Magical Captures
spent many days and nights
on the banks of Yateley’s Car
Park Lake. There were some
good times and many tough
moments, but one special day
I will always remember was
back in 2002, and ended a particular
spell when I was feeling the pressure
of fishing such a grueller of a water.
With it now being over a full year
since my capture of Bazil, I was desperate for a fish – any fish – to end my
drought. On Friday the 20th October
2000, I wandered round to find the
lake quite busy, and with the Chair
swim empty I had a good look down
both margins, the Brute’s Corner and
the margin that backed onto Bazil’s
Bay in the North Lake. As I crept
though the undergrowth, I spotted
something of interest – not a carp, but
a gravel patch that was glowing
golden. It hadn’t been like that before,
so I could only surmise it had been
cleaned off by being fed on. That was
good enough for me, and with my
bucket claiming the Chair swim, I
returned to the car park to load the
As I walked past the Islands, Little
Jon asked me where I was going, and
I told him the Chair. He informed me
the Pineapple had been up that margin this week. The Pineapple, despite
being the smallest mirror in the lake
with a funny mouth, was good
enough for me, so I’d better try to
catch that one then.
On my return, I quickly got on with
sorting the rods out, as with the
evenings drawing in early now, light
levels would be fading quickly, and
the thing with margin traps is you
really need to see what you’re doing.
The Brute’s margin rod required
(Top) The Chair margin.
(Below) The majestic Chunky at 42lb
the marker rod, not to locate the spot,
but to get the line over, as a direct
cast was impossible. By walking
round to Brute’s I would underarm
cast the marker out in front of the
right hand gap in the Chair swim and
with the rod propped up and the
clutch set slack, return to the Chair,
and with just a lead and a big hook
cast over the braid and hook it up,

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