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Road Lake Remembered
This one had my name on it, the
Scattered Linear at 36lb 8oz,
loud crash as a tree hit the deck, and
this, more worryingly, was followed
by shouting. I ran round to where the
noise was coming from to find Tony
hopping up and down by a fallen willow tree. It turned out he had shinned
up the tree to get a better look at
some fish when it had given way. He
wasn’t hurt from the tree but was
covered in stinging nettle rash, as the
tree had landed in a massive patch of
I fished a couple more sessions in
the coming weeks with no more
chances coming my way. It was frustrating fishing, as the fish weren’t
afraid to show themselves and most
mornings they could be seen fizzing
up and head and shouldering. As it
was so weedy, casting at showing
fish was a bit of a waste of time, as by
the time you got a drop the fish had
long gone. I was moving several times
over the 48 hours I was fishing, but
every time I moved it would just push
the fish to another quieter area of the
pond. It was on my final session
before I was starting my new job that
I got off the mark. It was turning out
to be a really hot summer that year
and when I arrived at the lake on Sunday it was to clear blue skies and
sweltering hot temperatures. I did a
couple of laps of the pond and it was
on my third lap that I noticed small
patches of fizzing in the Boat Launch.
The fizzing was coming from an area
the size of an oval brolly alongside
some large concrete pipes in the margins. I only had one night, so I
dropped in there for the night. I positioned one rod alongside the pipes
where the fizzing was coming from,
which went down with a dull thump
on what felt like firm silt. The other
rod was positioned in front of a large
weedbed to the left. Both rods were
fished as singles so as to keep the disturbance down to a minimum.
Throughout the night I heard fish
rolling along the pipes and right over
my hookbait. I was surprised not to
have had any action in the night and
woke up to that horrible feeling that
another blank was on the cards. I
made a brew and sat by the rods to
get a better view of the lake. As I sat
watching the lake the left hand rod
pulled up tight and the slack line
started to cut up out of the water. I
grabbed the rod and struck into thin
air; it must have been a massive liner!
I was in a right mood now, as I was
sure this had ruined my chances by
having to recast at bite time. I redid
the rod and went about cooking some
breakfast. I had just finished my
bacon roll when the same rod let out
a few bleeps before the line pinged
from the clip and the spool slowly
started ticking away. The fish took a
couple of yards of line before kiting
left on the surface towards a large
weedbed. I had lost the lead on the
take so most of the fight was in the
upper layers above the weed and it
wasn’t long before I saw the chestnut
flank of a common in the margins. It
wasn’t a large fish but it was really
going for it and every time I got it near
the net it powered off up the margins.

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