freeline-29 - Page 181

Paradise Found
spooky when being fished for, and
getting a take proved impossible. To
the left of the swim was a large bush,
and behind this the reed bed started
and ran 20 or so yards down the margin. The usual method was to cast to
the reeds ten yards down the margin,
but this failed to produce a take, so a
different approach was needed. I
started trickling bait right under the
bush on the left by poking a piece of
guttering through the bush and
rolling the baits straight underneath.
To get the hookbait under there I
would reel my baited rig up to the end
eye then poke the rod tip right under
the bush as far as I could reach, and
then back wind the rig into position.
Over the next few nights that spot
accounted for a scaly 19lb’er that
rarely sees the bank and a repeat of
Moonscale and the Strawberry linear.
This still left Broken Lin, ironically my
favourite fish in the lake. Four months
on I’m still trying to outwit that gorgeous carp. I hope it doesn’t happen
too soon – ha ha! The place is a rare
gem and I would be sad to eventually
leave. n
(Above) The Scar Common 27lb 8oz. (Below) A scaly 19lber.

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