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Rod Hutchinson Products
Welcome to 2020!
Let’s get this party started, are you a keen angler who takes a
decent photo? Would you like to be part of a team that is all about
enjoying the hobby of fishing with top quality bait and tackle?
We are looking for new UK members to join our already great team
of anglers to really make our presence known in 2020!
If you think you have what it takes, please send us a short bio of your
fishing history with 4-5 examples of your photo skills to
During colder months especially you need to give your hook bait
that extra attraction that will help bring the fish to your hook. Our
liquid bait glugs are designed to give some extra attraction to your
bait and groundbait. They work all year round but they work
especially well during the winter period when you use less bait.
The KMG Boilies brings fishy to the next level, packed full of krill
meal, liquid krill extracts, belachan, salmon oil, along with various
other fishmeals, and a pinch of garlic to top it off.
This bait has been designed with maximum attraction in mind by
pumping out a steady stream of flavours and food signals into the
surrounding water columns to bring the fish in from all levels.
A fantastic approach in warm or cold weather is to used crumbed
kmg in pva mesh combined with a fluoro kmg hook bait and a good
helping of the kmg liquid food to give the mix a boost in attraction.
Our Ballistic B range is now a proven all year round bait that works
well in the coldest conditions.
18 Big Carp
The Force bait range is built on a rich formula of proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, essential vitamins and minerals that create a
complete food source and includes 1.5% of the equally famous Robin
Red® from Haith’s Baits. This bait works well all year round and you
can increase its attraction by adding some matching liquid food and
a helping of the stick mix.
The Monster Unhooking Mat will cope with the biggest of carp and
with its high padded sides it will prevent any chance of the fish
sliding out of the mat. There are four rigid carry handles that will
make carrying the mat back to the water extremely easy for two
anglers. The carryall that comes supplied with the mat ensures that
you can keep your car dry and clean when you are taking a wet mat
home. To ensure that all aspects of fish safety are covered the mat
has an 8cm thick foam padded base and the mat also features a
pouch to keep your antiseptic in and loops to keep your forceps
close to hand.

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