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Carpr Baits – putting more sh on the bank
15mm Krill Boilies
15mm Fluro Pop-Ups
15mm Pineapple Boilies
Carpr Baits Team…
We are looking for team
members to ll this place.
Interested? please contact
us for further details.
11mm Multi Pop-Ups
Hemp, Maize and Maples
Our Story
Carpr Baits has been formed by 2 good shing friends with over 40 years of
carp shing experience under our belts. Back in 2017 we decided to start
experimenting with different bait recipes and Carpr Baits was formed and
production started.
I started angling at a young age, going with my father down the local
river catching roach and perch before we joined a local club. One of the
clubs waters was a lake on the outskirts of our hometown and although it
wasn’t a big water it did attract a good number of anglers. Around the left
side you would get the hardcore carpers in their bivvys all year round and
around the right side was the pleasure anglers and the not so serious –
which was my dad!
One morning we turned up at the crack of dawn to nd the whole lake
covered in a thick mist and couldn’t tell how many carpers were shing. As
the morning rolled on, the mist didn’t lift however what we did get was the
smell of the fry ups from the other side!
It was at this point I wanted to know more about carp shing and what
the attraction was about so I started talking to the guys and walked round
to see them when they got a run. Unfortunately, due to severe ooding one
year the sh escaped into the river that run behind it. My dad then found a
syndicate of 3 lakes which was very peaceful with great people, I was
fortunate enough that a very good carp sherman took me under his wing
and taught me so much and to this day I owe him big time.
From here I then progressed on to bigger waters in Broxbourne, then
moved my way around the world’s biggest car park the M25 shing various
venues such as Yateley, Sandhurst, Wraysbury and the Great Horton Church
lake. Back in these days you couldn’t buy ready made boilies and I was
lucky enough to be sponsored by one of the very rst boilie companies
back in the 90’s.
Mission Statement
It is our aim to provide the very best bait available to the modern carp
angler and offer a fantastic customer service experience to our customers
and team members.
Our Vision
To keep developing the range of baits we offer and the services we
provide. Over time you will start to see other products added to the range
to compliment what we offer.
Our Values
It is of upmost importance we take sh care seriously and therefore will not
offer sub standard bait. We are also keen to help develop youngsters in to
successful shermen.

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