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Natural baits – it’s all about the snails
Dehydrated Snails
Hydrated Snails
Natural Dorset snails come from one of the largest
snail farms in the UK and are bred predominantly for
Michelin star and other ne dining restaurants
around the UK.
Carpr Baits has been working
closely with the breeder and
can now offer exclusively what is
considered to be a delicacy to
the shing world as a great
natural bait for many species of
sh including carp, barbel,
chub, catsh, tench and bream.
What's so good with using snails
as bait?
• These snails are 100% natural
and do not contain any
• The snail meat contains 19%
protein, Vitamin B12,
magnesium and Omega 3
• When purchased the snails
have been dehydrated to
help preserve them.
• To rehydrate them simply add
water to the pot they are
supplied in for 2 - 3 hours.
• Add avours, attractors and even colours to give
them an extra edge.
As we all know all sh feed of naturals that live in
our rivers and lakes and where
the naturals are in abundance
on the lake beds and in weed
it becomes a lot harder for
anglers to tempt the sh to
feed on the baits we sh with.
When the snails have been
fully rehydrated the snail reverts
back to its original state and
the mucus is one of nature's
natural antibiotics which makes
them very attractive to the sh.
Depending on your shing
method these can be used
directly on the hook or used on
a hair rig providing going
through the foot of the snail
which is the toughest part. If
they are too big simply trim
them down and use the waste
with groundbaits.
Based and produced in Essex

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