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The Big Fully from
Tonford (Mid Kent
By Josh Mills
n Wednesday 10th
of July, I got down
to the lake for my
usual midweek
night to find only
one other angler
fishing, so I had a good choice of
swims. After a good walk round
searching and watching, I walked into
a swim called 30s. I noticed a few fish
in front of me on the plateau
mooching around in the evening sun,
right on top in the weed then drifting
off the side into deeper water, small
patches of bubbles shooting up out
22 Big Carp
the thick silt behind and around it!
I stood and watched for about ten
minutes, and as luck would have it,
one poked its head right out about
twenty yards past the area in another
swim. I walked around the other side
for a closer inspection. On the way
round, it’s hard to see other parts of
the lake due to high reed growth at
the moment. I quickly make it into
Blondie's, and as I stepped into the
swim, yet another just broke the surface just behind it, and another big
patch of silt was disturbed. The fish
were definitely on the munch, so I got
back to the barrow sharply and got
back into the swim!
On return to the Blondie's, I got my
rods out one at a time, setting up
slowly and still watching what was
going on in front of me. I chose to use
my favourite rig this year, a simple
slow sinking pop-up rig with a size 4
Mugga as my hook of choice and a
deadly Nuts Bait Jo Chan Match the
Hatch pop-up, which presents perfectly over the detritus on the bottom
and by the looks of things, that’s
where these carp were feeding. I
stood and watched for a further half

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