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The Big Fully From Tonford Exclusive
hour before making my first cast. With
two casts made, I had my first rod
positioned at about seven wraps in a
soft, silty area, and the second was an
underarm job just to the edge of the
reeds, again going down with a soft,
squidgy drop into the silt – lovely.
Very satisfied with my spots, I went
about getting a few handfuls of bait
over the top, just a light scattering of
about 30-40 mixed size baits per rod.
So the rods were out, the kettle was
on, and it was very quiet for about a
hour and half or two hours until about
9, when I saw some more big patches
of bubbles appearing out in the silt
not far from my rods. Fingers crossed,
it was looking to be a good night!
However, nothing really happened. I
had a series of liners around 11.30 and
then again at about 4am, but nothing
The morning came round, and I
was a little lazy. I got out the bed
about half 6 and woke to a steady
south westerly wind just tricking into
the bank. It looked good, but as time
went by, I only saw a few fish show
and bubble, but nothing massively
exciting – not like the evening before!
Big Carp 23

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