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Exclusive The Big Fully From Tonford
The clock got round to about 9.30,
and it still looked dead, with no shows
or signs of feeding, nothing happening anywhere, so I decided to go have
a look in the swim down from me
where I had seen the fish earlier that
morning. I had a brief look in there,
and to be honest, it didn’t look very
promising either – not enough to warrant the move down – so I wandered
back to my swim and was debating
giving it another half hour to an hour
then reeling in and going for a walk
and good look around. Approaching
the back of my brolly, my receiver let
out a complete one-toner from the
ECU, and she was away!
Quickly onto my rod and into the
fish, I could tell instantly it was one of
the carp and not a tinca. The fish
kited from my right round to the left at
some speed and then slowly took
some line towards the centre of the
lake, but slowly I managed to turn the
fish back my way. After a short fight
in open water, it came in to my margin where it nodded around and
caused quite a commotion in the
deep silt, kicking up lots of bubbles
and debris. I swiftly got the net into
the water as it neared, still unaware of
which fish I was attached to. I was
giving it some beans to try and stop it
from getting back down the margin,
24 Big Carp
and after a few more lunges, I finally
felt the fish giving up. I got my first
glimpse as it flanked up in the water
with its big armour plates and chestnut golden scales – it was a fully. My
heart dropped! Which one was it?
With my knee caps banging and trying to keep calm, eventually the fish
came to where I wanted it, still keeping its head down and boiling the surface.
I knew it wasn’t going to be long,
and as it swirled on the surface, I
caught another glimpse but still
couldn’t make out which one it was.
After some circling under the rod tip,
the fish waddled around and held its
depth before slowly giving up the
battle and turning on her side as she
was ready to be netted! I effortlessly
slid the net out, dipped the cord
under her, and as she slowly drifted
over and kissed the block she was
mine! Woohoo! I literally screamed!
Buzzing, I quickly looked in the net,
and there she was. I knew straight
away that it was the Big Fully with its
distinctive white tips. I couldn’t
believe what I had lying in the bottom
of my net sulking!
I got a few things sorted out and
gave a fellow angler and friend Jon a
call for some photos, and also my
father, just to show him what a proper
one looked like (he’s a match angler).
Despite that, he’s taught me a lot over
the years, hence he always gets that
phone call when I land a cheese. He
was up within minutes after phoning
him, and when he saw the fish, he
couldn’t believe his eyes either. It certainly made his day as well as mine –
good times!
It was time do the photos and get it
weighed, and she went 41lb 12oz! Not
that the weight is relevant with a fish
of such quality, but with one the
country’s finest 40lb fullys in my
photo album already, adding another
one has absolutely blown me away.
For me fishing simply can’t get any
better than that! It was good times
shared and a memory that will last a
lifetime – what more could I want?
Shortly after the snaps were taken
and the fish cared for and returned, it
still hadn’t quite sunk in what had
happened. I eventually packed up
and decided to make a move home. I
did so with a massive smile on my
face – I was absolutely buzzing! Even
sitting here a week later writing
about the events keeps making me
grin. I’m definitely riding that big carp
buzz that we all know and crave! I
hope you all get out soon and catch
that big one you have dreamed of for
years. Tight lines, all. n

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