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By Emma Rimmer
have Just got back from a
very windy and wet weekend
at Todber Manor Fisheries.
I’ve got a winter ticket at Todber this year. I turned up and
my favoured swim was free
so that’s where I decided to fish this
weekend, as its being doing quite a
few fish the last few weeks and
knowing the fish tend to hold up in
certain areas over winter.
I had a cast about to find some nice
hard areas so I knew they would be
clean to fish. I’ve been having a bit of
luck on my tweaked ‘Blowback Rig’
using a size 4 ESP Gripper Hook and
Fox Camotex semi stiff 15lb dark
30 Big Carp
camo hook link with Korda shrink
tube and rig ring.
I’ve also been having some luck
with the Nash Scopex Squid Hard
Ons, drilled out with a coloured tipper
on there to balance it out. I put out a
PVA mesh bag with two matching
boilies and my alarm went into melt
down at 4.30am in the morning. It
was a really chucking it down with
rain and this fish did not want to
come in. It felt like I was playing it forever the way it kept peeling line I
thought it could have possibly been a
catfish to start but thought it’s been
too cold for them now.
It came up on the surface at about
three rod lengths out and I could see
it was a decent sized carp. When I
eventually got it over the net cord I
just looked down to see how wide
and long she was. I decided I was
going to put her in the floatation sling
so I could get some better shots in the
day light.
At 7am I called one of the bailiffs to
say I had a big fish and thought it
could be one out of two of different
named fish that looked very similar.
When he came down to take the pictures for me as my husband had a
carp too so we had decided on a double shot as all the years we’ve been
fishing this has been the only time

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