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Exclusive A Dream Come True
First session 2019.
cess too – landing Paw Print at 40lb
and several of the beautiful stock fish
put in by RK. I thought I’d check out
on the RK site and have a look
through the gallery on there to whet
my appetite.
I remember that moment clear as
day – it was the first time I’d ever laid
eyes on a fish called “Jay’s common”
36 Big Carp
– an incredible Redmire strain carp
hoisted up for (to my knowledge) its
first ever recorded capture in that picture I was looking at. From that
moment I fell in love with this fish and
I prayed that one day it would grace
my unhooking mat.
Since fishing the venue I’ve had a
decent catch rate during the limited
time that I have been on the banks,
but I’d not really got amongst the real
special ones. So, having had a bit of a
career change that gave me a tad
more time, I was extremely excited
about the 2019 season and I knew
that the month of May was when I
would have my best chances of getting a good’un.
This is prime time on Wraysbury –
the fish have well and truly woken up
from their winter slumber, and whilst
the weed is present, it is totally manageable at this time of year so you can
fish areas safely and effectively which
in my opinion are just a no go in the
later months of summer when the
weed on here gets really brutal.
In 2018 I’d landed another one of
the venues really special fish – perhaps the most special – “Rosie”, first
landed in 1986 by Sir Pete and later by
Chilly. This capture totally blew me
away but importantly it taught me
something that, unbeknown to me at
the time, would later pay off big style.
On several previous occasions I’d
noticed small pods of the old characters hanging out together. Indeed, the
afternoon before her capture I’d
observed her, together with Jacko’s

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