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Exclusive A Dream Come True
common and an ancient fish some of
us know as “the snake”, frequenting
the shallows around the secret reedy.
That was it for me – a bucket went in
the peg and long story short the next
morning Rosie was in my landing net.
Another time I was fishing “the
lawns” where I’d seen an ornamental
called “the plastic bag fish” with a
couple of rather large lumps in the
margins and the same story – that
night I caught the plastic bag fish –
not the one I was after in truth but a
rare capture and one I’m grateful for.
In 2018 I had the pleasure of being
present when a mate of mine caught
Jay’s common, the Broken Lin and
Rosie in one session. An incredible
morning and more evidence that
these fish hang out together.
So, fishing on limited time it was
clear to me that I could increase my
odds of success if I paid attention to
captures of the special ones and their
locations around the lake – I guess it’s
fishing without even being there. I
was never going to be building a
campaign or baiting heavily in a particular area so it was all about getting
bites and timing for me. These learnings were fresh in mind going into the
One of my first W1 day ticket captures.
38 Big Carp
Incredible stockies.
start of the 2019 season.
My first session on the lake went
well. I fished a peg called
“Springates” having seen plenty of
fish in the area. I opted to start with
the tactics that had worked the previ-
ous year in May time. Pretty simple
stuff really- fairly heavy and very
accurate baiting with a particle mix
containing boilies and particles - all
soaked in GLM liquid. Three rods
were fished on the same spot with the

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