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Exclusive A Dream Come True
incredible high-quality popups supplied by the Bait Room mounted on
multi-rigs over the top.
My chosen boilie for this season
was a Krill Based fishmeal from West
Country baits. I knew Krill based baits
had always done well even going
back beyond RK’s ownership. This
particular bait contains a powerful
fruit pallatant which really stunk – I’d
actually reeled in and noticed my
leads smelled of it despite fishing in
silt. This combination of an established fishmeal food source and a
high attract element seemed a logical
choice for my overnight sessions
where I was essentially looking to get
as many bites as possible.
On that first session I had five bites
in a night landing all of them, going to
mid-twenties. It was awesome to get
off the mark so well and I left the next
day brimming with confidence in my
approach. As in previous years the
fish at this time of year were up for
some bait and I was happy to oblige
Plastic bag fish.
40 Big Carp
The plan was to return the following week and deploy the same tactics
again. I caught up with a mate of
mine Liam Hodges later that week
who was also fishing the venue regularly having had a brilliant season the
year before and he mentioned he was
getting down there a day ahead of me
the next week. He arrived the following week and set up in a peg called
“the stile” and was doing pretty well,
landing a number of 30s and that
ancient one called “the snake”. Whilst
on the phone to him I learned that
another mate had been in the Rocky
Barge just days before (which is
opposite the stile) and landed another
two special ones – “Rosie” and a fish
called “single scale illegal”. So that
was three of the old-school characters caught in a very similar area of
water in a matter of days. And two of
them I knew to be mates with the big
This immediately sparked my
attention given my prior experiences
of the behaviour of these fish and
plans to get to the lake after work
around 5pm were immediately
scrapped – I knew the Rocky Barge
was free but it wouldn’t be come late
afternoon being such a popular peg –
so the gear was rapidly loaded into
the van and I headed down to the
I jumped out of the van upon
arrival- grabbing the pre-placed
bucket off the front seat and rushed
round to the peg to find it empty –
happy days. Within an hour several
other anglers were wandering around
with buckets so I’m sure if I hadn’t
acted, I’d never have got in there.
I spent a bit of time observing
when I got there and based on catch
reports and what I was seeing it was
clear that the majority of the fish were
holding up out in the central area of
the lake. I’d fished the peg several
times so I knew the spots pretty well
and the rods were soon all clipped up
and ready to go. I opted for exactly
the same tactics as the week before
only this time I chose a slightly differ-

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