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Exclusive A Dream Come True
Rocky barge – I knew the spots.
ent particle element. The water out in
front of the Rocky goes down to over
17-18ft in places and given the powerful undertows you can get in Wraysbury I wanted something that was
heavy to ensure my bait application
was accurate. Carp Particles UK’s
42 Big Carp
“Triple M” Mix is perfect for this – it
contains red maize, yellow maize and
maple peas which are nice and heavy
– ideal for accurate baiting in the
deep water.
25 spombs of bait were soon
deposited over the spot in the open
water – with a few spombs stopped
mid-way to maintain the accuracy.
This was important because on a
large clear area like this my preference is to either fish one or two rods
on the bait and one just off the bait.
This is something I’ve done many
times and the rod off the bait is often
the one to go in a one-bite session
and regularly picks off better fish. I
was actually doing this when I caught
Rosie – I had one bite off that spot
that session and it was her and the
rod that went was the one off the side
of the baited area. For this tactic to
work well in my opinion accurate
baiting is required.
Three of the popups I’d caught on
the week before were positioned and
I sat back and enjoyed the beautiful
evening as the sun went down.
Wraysbury is an amazing place to be,
fish or no fish. I called my mate in the
Stile and I said to him that something
just felt right that evening, I think I
may have even said I’m going to nail
one of the Redmires. Sometimes you
get that feeling of confidence, where
you somehow just know – is it just
coincidence? Is it because at times
we are just in tune with things giving

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