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A Dream Come True Exclusive
a feeling of confidence? Or are there
some unknown forces at work? Who
knows? All I know is that it happens
and often with uncanny accuracy.
The night set in and the early hours
passed uneventfully. Then a little
while before sunrise the right-hand
rod (the one positioned off the bait) let
out a few bleeps and then pulled up
tight and started taking a bit of line. I
fish on a pretty tight clutch on here
even in open water and even when
the weed isn’t up – you don’t want
them getting far as there are plenty of
potential tethers and things to cut the
braid on. Despite the tight clutch it
was taking line pretty steadily so I
wondered if the fish had some weight
behind it.
As I lifted into the fish, I felt the
weight and instantly knew it was bigger than anything I’d caught before. It
stayed deep and slow, just chugging
around and taking a bit of line. It certainly wasn’t the kind of brutal flatrodding and screaming spool you
usually get with the venues crazy
After a short while the fish wasn’t
far out and I could see the frame of a
huge common coming towards me in
the headtorch. After a few final efforts
in the deep margins the fish gave up
and rolled into the net. I stood there
silently for a moment – almost scared
to look down into the net and see
what it was. I took a deep breath
parted the mesh and peered down
into the net. I knew INSTANTLY what
fish it was – I was met with a huge
frame and that unmistakeable scar on
the side facing me and a very recog-
nisable head shape. It was Jay’s common, no doubt about it!
I got her safely unhooked and into a
retention sling in the deep margin as
quickly as I could and called Liam in
the stile. I remember my hands and
legs shaking trying to operate my Iphone. Being the absolute gent, he is
he reeled in at prime bite time and
came around to help me with the
photos – on checking my camera it
had run out of battery, so he was a
real-life saver! I sat with a tea trying
to calm myself down whilst he made
his way round. I was absolutely
blown off my feet – it was my second
session of the year and one right at
the top of my list was in the sling.
We got the photo stuff sorted and a
short while later I hoisted her up for
the cameras, still shaking like a leaf.
She looked absolutely incredible – the
photos really don’t do her justice. A
huge frame and that glorious colouration you get with these Redmire fish –
with pinkie-reddish colouration
around the belly and everything else
looking like a bar of gold.
A short while later she went back
really strong into the gin-clear water
and I let out the obligatory cheer and
fist pump as she disappeared into the
depths. Me and my mate sat down
and had a cup of tea to celebrate
before he headed back to his peg.
Wonderful times indeed and memories that will stay with me forever.
Being able to share the moment and a
new PB with a good friend just made
it all the sweeter.
What can I say really? Sometimes
you just get lucky with what picks up
your hook bait and I definitely got
lucky on this session – one bite and
Jay’s turned up in the net. But I guess
the lesson for me is that whilst you
need a good dose of luck, you can do
things to increase your odds of a
good’un, even on limited time. n
(Below) Rosie a dream come true.
(Top) Rosie in the sling the only bite
that session.
Big Carp 43

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