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Welcome to the second FREE edition of Big Carp accompanied by the 29th
FREE copy of Free Line! Last month we announced that after 30 years
22 The Big Fully
tions and we need to move with the times. Paper and print will be a thing of
from Tonford
(Mid Kent
the past. It’s just not economically viable. I was chatting to Dave Lane the
By Josh Mills
producing Big Carp in paper and digital forms, we had taken the giant leap of
going solely digital and FREE! Why? because its 2020 and like it or not we
find ourselves in a world filled with social media, YouTube and digital publica-
other day, we both have boys and he was saying that he reckoned it was at
least 10 years since his boys picked up a book to read, yes, he cannot get
28 Woolpack Pit 5-6
them off their phones and iPads. And I had to admit my three were the same,
– The Carving
especially my 12-year-old. It causes more rows in our house than anything. As
By Russell Phillips
soon as he wakes, he’s on his device and would look at it all day if I let him.
Obviously, a few of our old readers would prefer paper, I like paper too, but
once you get used to the hi-tech ‘Flip Book’ page turner we use, it’s honestly
not that different, especially if you read it on your computer at home or at
work, full size.
Content wise there are no changes, all 100% original material, all from
‘Proper Carpers’ just like it’s always been. We have now dealt with 99.99% of
our subscribers. Everyone who subscribed in December and January have
been given full refunds, those who were owed mags were given Bountyhunter books to an equivalent value. They will of course still get a copy of Big
30 Gonger
By Emma Rimmer
34 A Dream
Come True
By Dave Colclough
44 Nirvana Lost
Carp every month, only it will be digital. To be honest virtually everyone said
And Found
they had such a good deal from us with free bait/mags/books, etc, that they
By Carl Udry
were happy to continue digitally. As I told them, it was either stop doing BC
completely or do a FREE digital copy, 100% said they were glad I was doing it
62 Autumn Gold
By Steve Cock
digitally rather than not at all.
We sent out 31,562 emails to the digital subscribers. And over 80% opened
and read the magazines! Don’t forget if you want to get on the mailing list
just send your email to and we will email you
both copies as soon as it comes out.
This month’s line up is as follows in our ‘Monster’s Ball’ issue, Carl Udry Wellington Era, Dave Colclough - A Dream Come True, Ryan Hoare - Croatia,
Steve Cock - Chilham Mill, Russell Phillips - The Woolpack, Josh Mills Tonford, Emma Rimmer - Todber Manor and more. Plus, all the usual carpy
news, competitions and reviews.
If you are interested in ADVERTISING in our magazines, at rates that are
realistic and affordable contact me at and I will
send you details of the latest deals.
Wrap up warm and I’ll speak to you again next month.
Rob Maylin
70 Croatia
By Ryan Hoare
78 Park Life And
The Tackle
By Phil
Big Carp Promotions
25 Oak Lake
Giant Leap to FREE Mags!

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