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Exclusive Nirvana Lost And Found
As it turned out, the weather certainly lived up to expectations, with
very warm sunshine and no rain all
week. I planned to start the session
very early on the Wednesday, just to
give myself a reasonable choice of
areas to target. I arrived to witness
the photos of the stunning Linear at
50lb to David Gaskin, who was the
man on fire at the time. Plus, I also
assisted with photos for two other
40lb fish only a few hours apart in two
different areas of the lake. After four
hours walking the lake and only four
anglers on, I started my session in a
swim known as Goose Point, as I had
seen two or three good shows at
As the morning went by, another
swim that had been very productive
was vacated, and two shows across in
that area resulted in a swift move into
the infamous Hole in the Bush swim.
Within four hours of casting out my
new rig, previously only field tested at
home, I was holding up a new personal best in the glorious early
evening sunshine, in the shape of the
magnificent Small Tail Mirror at a jawdropping 53lb 6oz. Oh man, what an
amazing start and a lovely way to
relax into the session, with five nights
still ahead of me.
After that amazing start, I picked
up a fish every 24 hours or so, simply
by applying a reasonable amount of
freebies after dark and avoiding
recasting unnecessarily. On the Saturday, midway through my session, my
girlfriend Maxine and our two boys
Big Sutton at 54lb 6oz, with Maxine, Ellis and Zach.
50 Big Carp
came over to visit me and to play in
the park. After spending an hour with
me on the bank, they went off to play
in the park, and I decided to stay
behind my rods because I felt my
chances were 50/50. They desperately wanted to see Dad catch a big
fish. They came back to my peg
around 4pm to say goodbye. I kissed
them all, and Maxine was literally
about to start the walk back to the car
when my faithful left-hand rod let out
a one-toner. I lifted into what went on
to be another personal best, in the
shape of the Big Sutton at a colossal
54lb 6oz (front cover shot). This was
one very special, very sought-after
carp that didn’t grace the bank frequently, and for my family to witness
the whole thing from start to finish

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