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Nirvana Lost And Found Exclusive
Big Sutton.
made the whole experience ten times
To fish at Welly, where I grew up as
a child camping in the deer park,
really was a dream come true, but
now to have my new personal best
from this epic venue, and with such a
historic and old fish had exceeded all
my expectations, I love to think that
my boys can show the pictures I now
have in years to come and can say
they were with me on “that day when
Dad fished at Welly and had a 54lb’er.”
The inflow of warm messages of
congratulation from other syndicate
members was no surprise. Welly has
many magical attributes that make it
what it is. But being honest, what
pleasantly surprised me was that
from the moment I joined to the
moment I left three years later, is just
how approachable, warm and friendly
all the syndicate members and bailiffs
were. The atmosphere that creates
makes being on the complex an absolute pleasure. Everyone is just open to
share knowledge and to help everyone, which is just simply lovely. I have
made friends for life.
My other five-night session in
August 2018 was also very kind to
me. In the run-up to this session, as
was the case with many lakes across
the country, the management at Welly
took the sensible precautionary step
to close the lake for a few weeks to
give the irreplaceable gems a chance
to spawn and graze stress free in the
lower oxygenated warm water without the added risk of being caught
and the inevitable stress this causes.
It was a very conservation minded
Looking across to the north-easterly section.
Big Carp 51

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