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Exclusive Nirvana Lost And Found
step, which was embraced by all of
the syndicate members who are naturally extremely focused on the ongoing preservation and protection of the
amazing stock of carp that swim in
the ‘Lake of Dreams’. However, with
the lake now reopened, I exchanged a
few texts and phone calls with other
syndicate members and was very surprised to learn that on the Friday prior
to my planned arrival there were only
five anglers on. So, excitedly I set the
alarm for a 3:30am wakeup call so I
could be first on the gate at 5am
when we’re allowed to enter the hallowed grounds.
At first light, I did a couple of quick
Chinese Common at 51lb 4oz.
52 Big Carp
laps to see if anything would oblige
and show itself, to give me some clue
as to where to start. Location is of
paramount importance at Welly, so it
goes without saying that having a
good look is always the first step in
terms of trying to catch a few of the
lake’s awesome carp. The constant,
refreshing south-westerly wind was
an instant draw. In fact, it was no surprise when I heard that the wonderful
A-team member, The Big Sutton, had
been tripped up during the night from
t h e w i n d w a r d e n d o f t h e l a k e.
Instantly it felt right, and I felt that I
should be seriously considering this
section of the 35-acre pond.
As the morning slowly trundled
along to the more sensible hours of
the day, I found myself sat with Lew,
up the windward end, when the bobbin on his middle rod lifted, and next
minute I was up and doing some
video footage of him landing another
one of the lake’s A-team, the impressive Willow that we weighed in at
50lb 8oz! Wonderful angling, and as
always, it was a real treat to witness
and help care for one these special
carp on their visits to the bank. I just
knew then that I needed to go and
move my barrow from the ‘fairly consistent’ Little Lake, out into the main
lake to fish for leviathans. With Lew
off shortly, it was a no-brainer to drop
in behind him, into a swim known as
Grassy. This swim provides a fantastic panoramic view of the southwesterly end and offers plenty of open
water to shoot at as well as the margins of one of the lake’s two islands.
At first light on morning one, two
single beeps were promptly followed
by a one-toner. It wasn’t long until I
slipped a very welcome 34lb common
over the net cord. As the morning
progressed, the usual procession of
Sunday arrivals steadily popped in to
say hello, and going into the evening
there were now 11 anglers on. With
the sun making a more prominent
appearance during Sunday, it wasn’t
a huge surprise when an hour after
dark one of my rods was away again.
The battle was simply unbelievable!
The power of some of these Welly
carp is like nothing I have had the
pleasure of enduring before. The faith
I have in the GTHD line helps settle
the worst of the anxiety in these circumstances, but every second was
still fraught, and anyone that has battled a furious fighting-fit monster carp
will know what I mean.
Although a repeat capture for me
(the only one I had), the epic A-team
member named The Chinese Common spun my scales round to 48lb!
Randomly, I had caught the Chinese
on my previous visit a few weeks earlier at 51lb 4oz, during a short session.
That was the first time it had been
caught for 16 months, then weirdly I
caught it a second time within a few
With two nights now under my belt
and two fish to boot, I just had to do
another night. I reeled in at 11am and
decided to tweak things a little. I
planned to move my right-hand rod,

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