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Exclusive Nirvana Lost And Found
to now become my left-hand rod. This
meant I now had all three rods spread
out in open water at range, but hopefully not close enough to compromise
each other. The Grassy is a great
social spot to exchange some chatter
and banter with fellow syndicate
members. With work the following
morning in mind, I hit the pillow at
9pm and slept solidly until I was
rudely awoken by what became my
third carp of the session, all 41lb of it
in the shape of Single Scale. If I had
thought the fight from the Chinese
was epic, then this was the same
again plus some! Oh, my word…
After 15 or so minutes, she was
(finally) safely retained, and I assembled the camera kit so that everything
was ready, before I woke up the hibernating angler next door.
With only three hours of my session
remaining, I decided not to recast this
rod, choosing not to disturb the other
perfectly set traps, already lying in
wait. I will never know whether that
decision had any part to play in what
then unravelled, but 30 minutes later,
I was doing self-takes with a 29lb
common, very swiftly followed by a
22lb common on my third and final
rod. It was now 5:30am, and I had no
rods in the water. I was totally over
the moon, and the carp had literally
‘smashed me up’.
The end of September 2018 was
also very kind to me. With my August
success still vividly etched in my
mind, I was keen to make a start in
Grassy, at least if I didn’t see anything
else to go at. So, this is where I parked
my barrow (TBH, I was quite sur-
Autumn in Three Trees.
prised to find The Grassy free), and
with my angling head firmly on, I was
still keen to do a few laps of the lake
before even considering just setting
up based on recent form.
After a good walk, and with no
solid sightings to go on, my decision
swung back to starting in Grassy, as I
was very confident of my methods
and spots. It wasn’t long, and I was
holding up a pristine, dark and heavily
tail-scaled 40lb mirror. I was absolutely over the moon, and it was the
perfect way of settling into the
remainder of the session.
A 36lb common followed early the
next morning, but then a period with
no sightings or line bites started mak-
The ever-faithful Gardner Covert Dark Mugga hooks.
54 Big Carp
ing me restless. Knowing this swim,
which I had become accustomed to
in recent months, indicated the fish
were not present in numbers. I had
seen a few very subtle rolls in the east
corner near The Cold Swim, so with a
single night remaining, I had to risk it
and move, but having had fish in
Grassy until up to 11am, I hung it out
through the productive period.
Literally seconds past 11am, and I
was on my toes and pushing my barrow towards the far corner that
received the westerly. Just as I got
around there, I saw another very subtle roll, but a bit further up towards
‘Three Trees’. Opting for The Three
Trees, I dropped in my barrow and
The ever-faithful Gardner GT-HD monofilament.

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