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Exclusive Nirvana Lost And Found
Pretty Mirror at 49lb.
for any time out in the wind. With the
brolly up and two rods deployed with
one to go, halfway down the lake a
rolling fish was impossible to ignore.
It was inevitable that the brolly would
immediately be collapsed down, rods
packed away and barrow loaded once
again. With burning cold hands, I was
soon on the move in the dark. Mobility is always pivotal to my angling; if I
see or hear something, I move. The
Hole in the Bush swim, which is positioned centrally, was historically kind
to me, and consequently I knew the
swim pretty well. Even though it was
pitch black and I was setting up
under torch light, things couldn’t
have gone any better. All three leads
landed with enough of a thump to feel
confident that my single 12mm hook
baits were presented cleanly.
After a chilly three-degree night, I
woke at 5am to a liner on the lefthand rod, but it was the right-hand
bobbin that lifted a couple of inches
three quarters of an hour later. Then it
dropped right back! That saw me sur56 Big Carp
face from my sleeping bag and scurry
towards the rods. As soon as the bobbin lifted one more inch, I reeled
down into what was evidently a
decent fish. A short, wintery battle
was soon won, and a shine of the
torch down into the landing net
unveiling one of the most soughtafter gems in the shape of the Pretty
Mirror at 49lb! With the fish safely
secured in a retainer, a few texts were
exchanged, and I was soon holding
up the magnificent fish in all its winter glory. Wow – simply lovely and
more than I ever expected!
If that wasn’t enough, the same rod
that I’d recast to the same area with a
lighter lead to cause less disruption
was away again at 10am. WTF!
Another typical short, heavy wintery
battle had my nerves jangling, and I
was soon staring down into the landing net at a new PB common in the
shape of the epic Clint’s Common at
47lb! What a morning – a morning
that left me literally speechless! It had
felt good when I set up the night
before, but I didn’t see this astonishing series of captures coming for one
millisecond. Whilst waiting for Charlie
to turn up to assist with photos of
Clint’s, I also snared a bristling 25lb
common to photograph too.
At Welly, we are supplied retainers
and unhooking mats, and being as I
was on the venue on my own, for
some odd reason I took two retainers
from the shed. Why? I don’t know…
The only logic being that if I was
lucky enough to catch a fish, with
nobody around to assist, I might need
a second one. Then by crazy fate, both
were now in the water, side by side
cradling carp! I’ve had many memorable sessions in my time, but due to
the time of the year and terrible
weather, this one certainly ranks right
up there with the most memorable of
them all. To cap it off, both fish managed front covers of both Carp-Talk
and Anglers Mail in the following
Then, to top it off, before I wrapped
up, I managed a 35lb common on my

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