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Exclusive Nirvana Lost And Found
Clint’s Common at 47lb.
final morning. Utter madness.
With only a handful of months to go
now until the expiry of my ticket at
the end of May 2019, I had one carp
very much in the forefront of my mind
that was still my most wanted. Plonking myself into the surprisingly
vacant swim called Goose Point for
my penultimate session, after a cou-
58 Big Carp
ple of quiet nights, I reeled in and
walked around the lake for a couple of
hours feeling a bit despondent. At the
tail end of those two hours, I noticed
one roll in the very area of water I was
already set up in, whilst watching
from a totally different area of the lake.
I literally ran back to my rods,
threaded on a fresh hook bait, and out
went the rod within that vicinity of
water that the fish had shown in.
Within ten minutes of casting, my
most wanted was in the net. I am so
glad I didn’t up and move that day. I
had the Linear at 46lb 8oz. As it went
over the net cord, I was waist deep in
water and literally punched the air
and shouted, “Get the f*** in there!” I
then vividly remember a mixed
chuckle of laughs behind me. A family
of five had drifted across from the
nearby crazy golf course and had
been quietly watching me do battle.
Apologies were given for the language while trying to give them some
context of what that fish meant to me.
I felt so incredibly lucky to be cradling
this one very special carp. Someone
was looking down on me that day,
that’s for sure.
With my final session now all
p l a n n e d, i n r o l l e d t h e h o t l a t e
spring/early summer weather, and
with that spawning started, and the
lake was to shut. Obviously, the fish
welfare comes first, but sadly maybe
my time was already up. However,
very mindful of a handful of us want-

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