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Nirvana Lost And Found Exclusive
Linear at 46lb 8oz – my most wanted!
ing one final chance, the simply lovely
head bailiff, Jamie, suggested it could
reopen with three nights to go until
expiry of our tickets.
After juggling things round at
work, holiday was booked and a
strong band of members descended
at first light for a draw for swims. Of
the 13 or so anglers in the draw, I was
third to pull a number from the hat. I
only went and picked out number
one. It felt like fate and the right thing
to do was to pick Hole in the Bush.
That swim was so kind to me during
all four seasons. Even if I was to
blank, it just felt right to be camped
up in that swim to counting down my
final 72 hours.
For me to reach my optimum spot
from The Bush, I ideally needed a
wind assisted north-westerly to help
my helicopter rig on its way out 140plus yards to a spot close to the
island. After 24 hours of being in the
swim, the gods were with me, and in
the north-westerly blew. After several
attempts to get it bang-on, my lefthand rod was on THE spot. Whenever
I was in that swim, I would cast until
I felt like that was 100% a bite. With
that feeling now felt, I settled back
and absorbed the atmosphere for the
final 46 hours.
Over the course of the next couple
of days, I said my goodbyes to the
steady stream of anglers popping in
and a mega curry was consumed. The
lake did throw up a couple of fish in
those last few nights, but it wasn’t as
prolific as we all hoped. With only two
hours to go, and after my left-hand
rod had been on that spot for 44
hours, the bobbin pulled up the inch
into the mouth of the alarm, and I was
Hole in the Bush.
Big Carp 59

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