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Exclusive Nirvana Lost And Found
away. It was a really lovely way to finish, catching a pristine up-and-coming chestnut looking mirror with the
typical love heart tail that went 38lb.
If you ever get the chance, seriously
consider fishing Welly. Ask anyone
who has fished it – seldom will you
hear a negative word. But after three
thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable years, I have now embarked on
a fresh and completely new challenge. Prior to the expiry of my ticket,
I had already purchased a new ticket
for a local Berkshire syndicate water –
a 40-acre gravel pit with the complete
set of features consisting of shallow
and deep (25-plus feet) areas, islands,
out of bounds (seven acres), thick
weed and a sense of unknown when
it comes to overall stock and the
Final night curry with now good friend Gavin Carter.
number of proven larger carp,
although stock is fairly commonly
understood to run to a couple of hundred or more. This water has always
been on my radar, so it was mentally
refreshing to start considering ideas
on how I would approach the lake,
while I was running down the final
few days at Welly. Then totally out of
My final fish at 38lb.
60 Big Carp
the blue, the offer of another syndicate ticket was delivered by the traditional Royal Mail. It’s a lake that has
also always been on my carping
bucket list, and definitely a venue that
I’m looking forward to approaching
soon, so it’s a case of onwards and
upwards I go.
Be lucky, Carl. n

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