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Exclusive Autumn Gold
bar. Two rods were dispatched out to
the channel and the third to a shallower area of about three feet in front
of an island with a big overhanging
willow tree where fish were still
crashing out and fizzing away. Rod
Hutchinson KMG hook baits with a
pop-up topper were fished wafter
style on IQ D rigs over a mixture of
whole and chopped KMG Boilies
soaked liquid carp food plus hemp
and maize.
It only took about an hour when the
left rod to the island burst into life
with a steady take. With the lead
dropped and the fish up on the surface I was gradually gaining line
when it picked up some floating
weed, patches of weed were all over
the lake left behind from when it was
cut with a weed boat a few weeks
earlier. I’m now slowly reeling in a
large ball of weed but could still feel
the fish kicking, as it got close to the
net all went still and felt like the fish
had gone. I really wasn’t sure if I was
netting a fish or just a big ball of weed
but as the weed went in I could see a
tail sticking out. Once I’d cleared all
the weed away there was a nice looking mirror sitting in the net, a linear at
just over 31lb and a great start to my
After a few self takes with the
phone I got the rod back out on the
spot and ten minutes later it was
away again. This time there was no
weed problems and after a short battle I had a repeat capture in the net,
Nemo 27lb 5oz. With the rod back out
to the same area in front of the willow
tree, I eventually got the bivvy up and
sorted and was thinking about getting something to eat when one of the
rods out in the channel signalled a
single bleep and slow drop back. I
picked up the rod to find very slack
line and what appeared to be nothing,
reeling in the line thinking I’d been
done, suddenly I felt the kick of a fish
which came straight in to the margin
and then went nuts as they do, a 28lb
grass carp. It was now getting dark so
I scattered a few baits out to the willow with the stick and got something
to eat. I laid in bed that night listening
to the bird life and the occasional
sound of a carp crashing out thinking
what a crazy few hours that was and
(Top) Stockie 15lb.
Centre) Common 26lb 6oz.
(Bottom) Nemo 27lb 5oz.
64 Big Carp

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