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Exclusive Autumn Gold
coaxed it back towards me. With the
fish now plodding up and down in
front of the swim I managed to slip
her over the cord into the waiting net.
A chunky looking mirror and on closer
inspection seeing the line of scales
and deep belly there sat the fat linear?
Making sure the net was secured I
legged down to the next swim where
Chris was just setting up, I think I’ve
got the fat linear in net, ok I’ll be
down he said. Back in the swim Chris
looked in the net, yep that’s her well
done fella the best looking carp in the
With scales zeroed to the wet sling
we broke the net down and slid her
into the sling so there was no chance
of causing any damage as we lifted
her from the water. The scales settled
on 41lb 12oz a new PB and first UK
forty, although you wouldn’t think so
from the photo’s I was absolutely
buzzing. After a few water shots and a
video I let her gently go back home.
Sat with a brew taking in what had
just happened and listening to Chris
telling stories of previous captures
before he headed off to his swim. The
Tiny Scales 38lb 12oz.
68 Big Carp
rest of the day passed with no more
action however I wasn’t bothered it
couldn’t have been any better. At 8pm
the middle rod out in the channel produced a nice scaly 15lb stockie. The
next morning fish were showing
again in front of the willow so I
topped the area up with some more
bait and with a fresh hook bait and as
I was packing up the rod was away
again with low twenty common from
the willow.
Two weeks later and I was back
and with similar weather conditions I
was hoping to get back in the transformer but it was taken so I dropped
in the swim next to it one pole. After a
night with no action I went along to
see if Brian had any joy in transformer.
He had a nice mid twenty scaly mirror
in the net and had also caught a few
After taking some photos for Brian
he said I’m about to pack up and go if
you want to move in here. There was
fish showing again in front of the willow so I decided to move into the
swim. Getting absolutely soaked
moving I eventually got the rods out
one the same spots as the last time
and settled down for the night. About
8pm the willow tree rod was away
with what felt like a good fish and
after a strong fight there was a
chunky looking mirror in the net. A
fish called Tiny Scales 38lb 12oz, that
was worthwhile getting wet moving.
I turned in for the night about 10pm
and was up an hour later, this time the
rod out in the channel with a stockie
just under 15lb. With the rod back out
it was back to bed and I was just nodding off when it was away again this
time a common 31lb 4oz. Eventually I
managed to get a few hours’ sleep
before the same rod burst into life
again just on first light. Steadily gaining line the fish went on a strong run
and the hook pulled, well these things
happen. Then as I was packing up the
same rod was off again with a lovely
golden common of 26lb 6oz.
Sitting writing this what is there
left to say other than what a great
couple of sessions, with ten fish
including three 30s and a new PB 40
the fat linear Chilham Gold.
Until next time tight lines. n

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