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Croatia Exclusive
fter my trip to
Parco Del Brenta in
Italy in 2018, I
started thinking
about my next
venue. After talking to some of my European carp fishing friends, I decided, after being told
about the huge carp and beautiful
countryside, that my destination for
2019 would be Croatia. I had some
venues in mind and was planning on
fishing public weeks, not private
bookings, so I could move lakes as I
pleased. I had around four weeks that
I was able to fish for, and a week
exploring with my wife Ashleigh in
the middle, so I had plenty of time to
move around and put myself in a
good position to catch either a lot of
fish, a very big fish or both!
In November 2018, I managed to
book a place on Sumbar for eight days
with the help of my friend Dani, and I
also booked a week at Zaharia with
Jamie Clossick’s VIP Carp Holidays.
This gave me a base of sorts for two
weeks of my trip, with the other three
being free to move at my leisure
depending on results. In the months
leading up to me leaving, I spent a lot
of time working out what I would
need for the trip, bait and tackle wise.
I decided on ordering around 300kg of
boilies from Proper Carp Baits my normal bait provider, and one that I’ve
always had 100% faith in. I went for
150kg of the Black Seal, a dark fishmeal bait with garlic and blue cheese,
and 150kg of Crunchy Nut, a light
coloured bait. I have caught a lot of
big carp on these baits. I also ordered
plenty of pots of matching wafters
and hard hookers. I also had something a bit special up my sleeve hook
bait wise – some pop ups I’ve been
making myself for a period of time.
They are something very special
indeed – perfect to tip off my snowman presentation.
I knew most of my trip would be
fishing at distance, so I stocked up on
helicopter rig bits and plenty of big,
strong hooks! My rig components
wherever possible are Taska Baseline
to keep everything pinned down.
Hook wise, I used the new Carp
Online Euro Snag hooks. I also
stocked up on 0.29 and 0.35 mainline,
in keeping with most of the lakes in
the region’s rules.
Soon enough September rolled
around, and I was champing at the bit
to get on the road! On the 4th of
September, I left Bedfordshire aiming
for Zajarki on the outskirts of Zagreb.
Two sleeps later, I arrived in the area
of Zajarki. I went straight to the lake
to have a walk about. Straight away I
was amazed at the distance the
anglers were spodding – 140 metres
minimum. After having a walk, it
appeared most pegs were producing
fish of various sizes, and the following
week should be productive. On Saturday morning, I arrived at the lake for
the draw. My new partner, Christian,
the other angler who booked the trip
by himself, and I had a look around
and decided that any peg around the
big island in the middle of the lake
would do!
We came out the draw seventh and
picked swim 17 with access to a small
amount of open water and half the
island. I opted to fish the right side of
the swim, with all three rods aimed at
45lb mirror – peg 11.
Big Carp 71

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