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Exclusive Croatia
were holding up! I don’t believe anyone else on my side of the lake was
catching anything at all, and I was
only picking up a few bites due to
being able to get that much further
out into the middle of the lake. This
was due to my swim being out on a
spit that travels a considerable distance into the lake.
I had soon fished six nights and
had seven carp up to 55lb. I was
happy so far but wanted to do something to really ignite the trip. That
weekend my friend Dani came to the
lake, and fished peg 12 next me. We
had a BBQ, and he managed a few
fish out the small bay up to around
At the end of the week, I heard a
rumour that the following week’s private booking/competition had been
cancelled! I wound my rods in
straight away and headed up to the
clubhouse! The rumour turned out to
be true, and I had the pick of the
entire lake, apart from one spot – 22. I
quickly opted for peg 27, which many
65lb mirror.
74 Big Carp
believe is the best on the lake, with
access to the area I had seen the
majority of the fish in. The angler currently in 27 was picking off the odd
fish from a plateau at 90 metres, fishing over large beds of maize, but I had
my eyes firmly on a deeper area of the
lake at around 130m, and I would bait
this area exclusively with 10kg of
boilies per day.
On the 1st October, I packed up my
belongings in peg 11 and headed
around the lake to 27. I had managed
another four fish in 11, but I was itching to move into 27. The anglers who
had previously occupied 27, 26 and 25
had appeared to using a lot of bait. I
estimated in the region of 40-50kg per
swim per day. This doesn’t sound like
much for a lake like Sumbar, but from
what I had seen, the fish were not
exactly “having it”, and I was sure
there would be a lot of uneaten bait in
the lake.
On Tuesday, I moved into the new
position and got my camp set up as a
thunderstorm was due. I put 10kg of
boilies on my new area that I would
target until the following Friday, so I
had ten days. That evening, I just put
three rigs short onto the other
angler’s spot. The night went without
action, but the thunderstorm was fantastic – four full hours of spectacular
thunder, lightning and rain. The following day, I put another 10kg of
boilies onto the new spot. The new
spot was a lovely, deep clay-bottomed gully dropping down to around
4 metres from the back of a bar. It
really did seem the perfect big fish
area. I was happy to spend the next
nine days on the spots, and whatever
happened, I would keep the boilies
going into the area, because the
rewards could be fantastic.
Days three and four passed without
any action, but I put another 5kg of
boilies into the area per day. I used
nothing but boilies because the lake
had been getting filled in with corn
for the previous two weeks, and the
fish had potentially got very bored of
it. Hopefully all the different species

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