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Croatia Exclusive
they spun round to over 33kg, just
over 74lb! I returned the fish to the
margin whilst I sorted out my selftake photo kit and soaked up the
moment. I was blown away by this
fish, and I got some brilliant pictures
that I will treasure for the rest of my
Going back to the special clay spot,
and the rod was away again. This
time, it was a very aggressive take
that hooped the rod right round on
the rest. This was a far angrier fight,
with the fish taking me wherever it
felt like going! It was like a freight
train to be honest. If the last fish was
heavy like a bag of sand, this was like
having a raging bull on a 13ft rod. The
battle took over 30 minutes, as the
fish just ploughed up and down the
margins. It even managed to get
stuck under a small weed bed for a
few scary moments, as I had to
slacken the rod off and change the
line angle slightly. When I netted this
fish, its lips kissed the spreader block,
but half the body was still out the net!
I managed to bundle the fish in, and it
must have been 4ft long! it didn’t
have a belly like the fish before, but it
was just pure muscle and length. In
the pictures you can see how long it
was, as I was holding the fish very
close to my body, and the distance my
hands are apart is ridiculous! This
beautiful common went 70lb 4oz on
the scales, giving me a brace of
70lb/30kg commons. To be honest, I
don’t think I will ever get close to this
again, and it takes a very special lake
indeed to produce something like
Over the next day and night, I managed to catch a few more 40 and 50lb
carp whilst I packed away my stuff
and planned my next steps of the trip!
I had been spodding at 150 yards for
almost 27 days, and I think I must
have used close to 300kg of bait. To
be honest, my hands were in such a
state. I had plasters on five fingers,
broken two finger stools and had to
take my wedding ring off due to blisters! So a potential return to Zajarki
wasn’t the most tempting prospect,
especially on a Friday when it is at its
busiest. So I decided to head to Lake
Bled on a recon mission for a trip I am
planning in 2020.
I arrived at Lake Bled late on Friday
evening, checked into a local hotel
and headed down to the lake. I was
amazed by how beautiful the lake
was. I could see deep green forests
going up the mountains and one
snowy peak.
That evening, I managed to walk
around the entire lake. I watched a
couple of English guys catch a carp
and pose for the famous picture in
front of the church. At this point any
doubt about fishing here had gone. I
walked back to the town and went for
some dinner in a restaurant overlooking the lake as it got dark. It really is a
superb place! The following day, I met
my friend and local expert, Gasper, for
another look around the iconic venue
and picked up some valuable local
That afternoon, I started to make
my way back to England via stops in
Nuremburg where I visited the Nazi
show grounds, the beautiful town of
Seligenstadt and Dunkirk where I visited the Operation Dynamo museum
and the touching memorial to fallen
heroes from all over the Commonwealth.
Until next time! n
Urban Baits Nutcracker
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A massive thumbs up to our great
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Closing date is 1st June, 2020
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