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Angling Trust lands £250,000 funding to
campaign to protect fish stocks
The Angling Trust has successfully
applied for £250,000 funding from the
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to campaign over the next three years on
high priority conservation issues
affecting marine and freshwater fish.
This award builds on a grant from the
same funder over the last two years
and will enable the trust to expand its
capacity to represent anglers on conservation issues at a time when many
fish stocks are in decline and great
political uncertainty about environmental regulations and commercial
fishing arrangements after the UK
leaves the European Union.
The grant will specifically fund
three priority campaigns to secure:
New agricultural policies that benefit the water environment by reducing pollution, low flows and flooding
caused by unsustainable farming
Policy changes that move inshore
fish stocks towards recovery by protecting fish, nursery areas and inshore
Greater restrictions on commercial
fishing at sea to create more sustainable fish stocks.
The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
requires the Angling Trust to match
fund the grant with income from
membership subscriptions and other
income over the course of the three
years. The Angling Trust is also working closely with WWF and The Rivers
Trust on a partnership proposal to a
number of other funders to deploy a
wide range of methods to advocate
for urgent action to reverse the
widespread decline in the aquatic
Care Where Your Carp Come From
I make no apologies for this horrific picture!
Once again this week, I’ve heard rumours of
carp being seized by CEFAS trying to get into
the UK. I’ve also heard role models in this
sport recently saying they don’t care where
the carp they fish for come from.
Don’t we all have a moral obligation to protect the sport for the future and stop scenes
like this? Damn right we do. So if you don’t
spare a thought or care where the carp you’re
fishing for came from, then you could be supporting scenes like this!
Illegal carp smuggling gets zero exposure,
brushed under the carpet even, but it continues to happen as the demand for instant big
carp continues to grow. It seems some
anglers don’t care, and the size of their ego
and carp they catch is more important.
Protect the future in the right way: educate
the newcomers and stop these practices. n
environment over recent decades.
Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the
Angling Trust & Fish Legal said: “It’s
fantastic news that one of the country’s largest and most respected charitable funders has decided to increase
its support for our work. We now need
more anglers to support their united
representative body so that we can
continue to expand our work to
secure sustainable fish stocks at a
time of unprecedented threats and
continue to develop opportunities for
anglers.” n

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